A Message from APWA Leadership

These are challenging times, and public works professionals are committed to providing essential services to all people, and maintaining critical infrastructure that is so vital to quality of life for all.

In recent days public works professionals have been called upon to assist in other unique ways as the United States experiences widespread civil unrest in response to the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. APWA is saddened by this tragedy and the impact to all communities throughout the United States.

Over these past months, Public Works professionals have been called upon to address additional challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to include continuing sanitation services, increased cleaning procedures and safety precautions in public works facilities, monitoring the safety of water systems, assisting with traffic control at COVID-19 testing locations, and working with our first responder partners to address the unique needs of our diverse populations and communities.

As first responders, and in addition to the complications presented by COVID-19, public works is also helping local and community partners during public demonstrations by providing equipment to establish safe perimeters for those seeking to peacefully demonstrate. Furthermore, public works is in place following public demonstrations to clean-up, and when needed, re-establish essential services, and rebuilding our communities negatively impacted by demonstrations.

Thank you for your continued commitment to communities throughout the United States.