APWA Chapter Leaders' Announcements 2.19.20

  • Membership structure has been enhanced
  • The January Chapter Membership Reports are online in the Chapter Leader Resources area
  • Awards deadline is March 2
  • APWA Reporter has a new online environement
  • Engineering & Technology Committee starts Knowledge Team
  • Committee & Board nominations are still open!

Membership structure has been enhanced

  • New Member Types and Categories. Here is a ‘Cheat Sheet’
On January 24-25, APWA undertook a large data conversion designed to enhance the membership structure and to simplify the list of membership types. The goal was that by changing the way the data is listed, it has been made easier to understand the membership types and categories.
This adjustment does not change the types of memberships that APWA offers, but instead, simplifies the reporting of the membership numbers and categories. The biggest change that chapter leaders will see is with the chapter membership reports. There will now be a column for Member Type & Member Category.
Here is a ‘Cheat Sheet’ of what these columns will report.

Member Type
M = Member
MC = Member – Canada
NM = Non-Member
CO = Company
COC = Company Canada
Member Category
IND = Individual
RET = Retired
STU = Student
LIFE = Life
PA = Public Agency
CH = Corporate Heritage
CP = Corporate Prestige
CC = Corporate Crown
EI = Educational Institute
EIM = Educational Institute Member
FM = Former Member
FG = Former Group

Please contact chaptersupport@apwa.net or memberservices@apwa.net with any questions about the enhancement of the membership data or the new way of reporting membership.

The January Chapter Membership Reports are online in the Chapter Leader Resources area


 (It will stop at the login screen first)

If the link above does not work, you can access the reports by using Sign in on the APWA website. After you have signed in, then click on MYAPWA HOME in the main menu, then from the MYAPWA HOME page click on the orange “Chapter Leader Resources” icon. You will find the link to chapter membership reports in the column on the right on the Chapter Leader Resources page.
The chapter membership reports are updated automatically just before midnight on the 7th of each month.
Anyone with questions can contact Brad Patterson at bpatterson@apwa.net or 1-800-848-2792, ext. 5263.

Awards deadline is March 2

The deadline for all award nominations other than for the Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence (PACE) is Monday, March 2 at Midnight, Eastern Time.  The PACE deadline is Monday, June 1 and chapters must be notified first that they qualify to submit for the award.
Anyone with questions can contact Rhonda Wilhite, Awards and Chapter Relations Associate, at rwilhite@apwa.net or 800-848-2792 x5261.

APWA Reporter has a new online environment

A new online environment for the APWA Reporter is now live on the APWA website!
Rather than the old-school flipbook view that has been in use, members and non-members will now be able to access an entire microsite for each issue with every article now being clickable and having its own URL. Additionally, users can share articles directly to social, search current and past issues, and read articles on mobile devices without sacrificing usability/readability.
We’ve also updated the Reporter landing page to accommodate this new technology (see links below).
New Reporter Landing Page:www.apwa.net/Reporter(click on image of this month’s issue to see microsite)
Current Issue:https://www.apwa.net/MyApwa/Apwa_Public/Resources/APWA_Reporter_Current_Issue.aspx

Engineering & Technology Committee starts Knowledge Team

To expand volunteer opportunities to those interested in contributing to the APWA Engineering & Technology Committee, the committee has created an Engineering & Technology Knowledge Team. 
Members of the Knowledge Team will commit to sharing information with APWA members through working on projects such as writing articles, presenting ‘Click, Listen & Learn’ sessions, speaking at PWX and other conferences and other initiatives.
For more information, please read the our call for volunteers and the our knowledge team expectations. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Rita Cassida at rcassida@apwa.net.

Committee & Board nominations are still open!

If you are interested in serving as a member of the board of directors for Regions III, IV, VII, IX or as a Technical Director for Leadership & Management, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Management or Transportation, please check out the information on the board nominations process. Click on the scrolling web site banner inviting you to nominate for the board.  
Nominations are due by COB March 6.
Don’t forget to submit your name for a committee position.  Nominations are open until March 22. Go to www.apwa.net/nominations for more information.
Questions regarding both nominating processes should be directed to Teresa Hon (thon@apwa.net).