APWA Chapter Leaders' Announcements 1.14.20

  • Year-end membership total highest ever
  • The December Chapter Membership Reports are online in the Chapter Leader Resources area
  • Membership 101 Webinar scheduled

Year-End Membership total highest ever

APWA’s membership for December was 30,479. That is the highest calendar year total ever.

The December Chapter Membership Reports are online in the Chapter Leader Resources area

(It will stop at the login screen first)

If he link above does not work, you can access the reports by using Sign in on the APWA website. After you have signed in, then click on MYAPWA HOME in the main menu, then from the MYAPWA HOME page click on the orange “Chapter Leader Resources” icon. You will find the link to chapter membership reports in the column on the right on the Chapter Leader Resources page.
The chapter membership reports are updated automatically just before midnight on the 7th of each month.
Anyone with questions can contact Brad Patterson at bpatterson@apwa.net or 00-848-2792, ext. 5263.

Membership 101 Webinar scheduled

A Membership 101 webinar will be held at 2:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time) on Tuesday, January 21.
This webcast is presented each year in January, helping the new chapter and branch membership chairs navigate the Chapter Leader Resources area and helping them understand the membership-specific materials. It is also a great way for those who have been a membership chair to review some of the materials and learn about any new processes. Those attending the webinar will learn how to find and make use of the various membership reports and hear of Best Practices from other chapters. Participants will also be able to ask questions through the one-hour program.
For more information, contact Brad Patterson at bpatterson@apwa.net r 816-595-5263 or to register, contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net r 800-848-2792 (ex. 5261).