Acting FEMA Administrator Gaynor Nominated to Lead Agency
On September 26, President Trump formally nominated Acting Federal Emergency Management Administrator (FEMA) Peter Gaynor to serve as the next agency Administrator. Mr. Gaynor’s appointment is subject to Senate confirmation, which a date for has yet to be determined. Mr. Gaynor has served as the Acting FEMA Administrator since March 9, 2019, following the resignation of former FEMA Administrator Brock Long.

Prior to his service as Acting FEMA Administrator, Mr. Gaynor was confirmed by the Senate on October 11, 2018 as the Deputy Administrator of FEMA. Before his tenure at FEMA, Mr. Gaynor served as Director of the Providence, Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) & Office of Homeland Security from March 2008 to December 2014. He was subsequently appointed as the Emergency Manager for the State of Rhode Island in January of 2015, where he served until October 2018.

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