APWA Board of Directors Approves Surface Transportation Reauthorization Priorities

On September 6, during its meeting at PWX, the APWA Board of Directors reviewed and approved a new Surface Transportation Reauthorization Priorities document. The current federal surface transportation law, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act (Public Law 114-94) expires September 30, 2020.

An internal work group comprised of members from the APWA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and the Transportation Technical Committee worked with APWA’s Government Affairs staff to identify and draft the new policy document over recent months. Now that the new policy document has been approved, it will be used to advocate for APWA’s reauthorization priorities to the U.S. Congress and the Trump Administration until a new surface transportation bill is signed into law.

APWA’s public policy priorities for the next federal surface transportation bill outlined in the document focus on funding, streamlining, and safety. Specifically, APWA calls upon Congress and the Administration to:

  • Increase and index the federal motor fuel tax by 25-cents in the short-term;
  • Transition to a vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) or similar user fee as soon as possible;
  • Enact a federal transportation reauthorization bill that is a minimum of 6 years long;
  • Eliminate unnecessary, duplicative, and burdensome requirements that delay the delivery of critical transportation improvements, and;
  • Increase the emphasis on safety for all transportation system users.

Should you have any questions about APWA’s public policy priorities, and Government Affairs program, please contact APWA’s Director of Government Affairs Andrea Eales (aeales@apwa.net).