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Evanston, IL Launches Sustainable Business Recognition Program

Evanston, IL – The City of Evanston recently launched a sustainable business recognition program in which Evanston businesses that take actions to reduce their environmental impact can receive support from the City as well as recognition for their efforts.

The program, Sustain Evanston, aims to encourage local businesses to make sustainability improvements, such as installing energy efficient lighting or implementing a composting program, while helping the City meet the ambitious goals outlined in its Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP).

Restaurants and office/retail businesses in Evanston are eligible to participate and must implement at least ten of the sustainable actions listed in the program checklist to be recognized. Businesses that complete the program receive a Sustain Evanston storefront decal recognizing them as a sustainable business, as well as a logo that can be displayed on their website. A $250 cash incentive is available to recognized businesses to help offset costs associated with meeting the program requirements.

Businesses can sign up for a free, 45-minute site visit from City staff and the Sustain Evanston website provides information about rebates and resources available to help businesses complete the required actions.

Checklist actions include:
  • Install lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors in spaces of variable occupancy, daylighting controls, or time clocks
  • Switch all-purpose cleaning products to low toxic cleaning products
  • Implement a hiring policy that prioritizes Evanston residents and have 30% of your business's payroll include Evanston residents

Seventeen businesses have already been recognized.

For additional information:
Alyson Wright
Sustainable Business Fellow

For resources and tools related to sustainability, visit the Center for Sustainability (C4S) and C4S Toolkit.