FEMA Announces Revised National Mitigation Investment Strategy

On August 13, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced their updated National Mitigation Investment Strategy (NMIS). NMIS was designed to serve as a whole-community approach towards mitigation activities and risk management across federal, state, local, and tribal and territorial government, and the private and non- profit sectors.
Areas of emphasis in NMIS include efforts to enhance disaster-resistant codes or standards, and the sharing of expertise and advice between agencies, which can include best-practices on how to mitigate disaster damages. In order to emphasize the importance of public works in disaster mitigation efforts, APWA has provided comments and feedback for incorporation in NMIS, highlighting the role of public works in emergency management. To view the updated NMIS, please click here.
Please contact APWA Government Affairs Manager Marty Williams at mwilliams@apwa.net, or (202) 218-6732 with any questions.