APWA Chapter Leaders' Announcements

  • Record membership numbers
  • The July Chapter Membership Reports are now available in the Chapter Leader Resources area
  • Roundtable discussions highlight Chapter Leaders Forum
  • 34 chapters will receive the PACE award in Seattle
  • Submit Chapter Meeting Minutes

Record membership numbers

Membership reached another all-time high in the month of July. The official month-end figure was 30,383.

The July Chapter Membership Reports are now available in Chapter Leader Resources area

 (It will stop at the login screen first).

If the link above does not work, you can access the reports by going to clr.apwa.net and clicking on “Membership.” After you are prompted to sign in, you’ll be taken to the home page for the membership reports. You can also get to this page by signing in on www.apwa.net, then click on MYAPWA HOME in the main menu, then on the MYAPWA HOME page click on the orange “Chapter Leader Resources” icon.
The chapter membership reports are updated automatically just before midnight on the 7th of each month. If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net or 1-800-848-2792, ext. 5261.

Roundtable Discussions Highlight Chapter Leaders Forum

Roundtable discussions hosted by Chapter Leaders are the focal point of the annual Chapter Leaders Forum, held each year at PWX. This year’s Forum is set for 3-4:50 p.m. on Sunday, September 8 in the Tahoma Room (1-2-3) at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.
Here is a tentative list of the table topics for this year’s event:
Handling Chapter FinancesGain tips on best practices to implement a plan to manage your chapter and branch finances from APWA staff and volunteers who serve as Chapter Treasurers.
Leadership Skills for Chapter LeadersBeing a leader in a volunteer organization is different than leading an agency or firm.  What are some basic leadership skills that will help you in your role as a chapter leader?
Chapter Leader Basics – What should you know before taking on a chapter leader position?  This session is ideal for leaders at any level to exchange simple ideas and suggestions to make the most of your leadership experience.
Annual Conferences & Equipment ShowsLearn and exchange ideas from those chapters who host annual or biannual conferences and equipment shows.  If your chapter is interested in starting an Equipment Roadeo, this is the table for you.
Implementing a Grassroots Chapter Advocacy ProgramEngaging members with elected officials doesn’t have to be scary. Advocacy can be addressed in many ways. Share your best practices and suggestions with your peers at this session.
Young ProfessionalsOutreach How have chapters been successful in recruiting and engaging young professionals? This is a topic applicable to all chapters, both large and small. Be ready to share ideas and ask your questions.
SponsorshipsIdeas on successful sponsorship programs for luncheons, conferences and golf tournaments are just a few of the topics that will be discussed at this table.
Strategic Planning for Chapter SuccessIs your chapter in need of creating a plan to strategize for current and future growth? Questions, ideas, processes and lessons learned will be shared.
How to recruit and engage Operations & Maintenance Members– Getting frontline public works employees interested in APWA has been a long-time challenge.  What are any chapters doing to reach out to that audience and bring them into the association?
Accreditation – How it Can Help A Chapter – Having agencies in your chapter that are officially Accredited is a great way to showcase the quality of the public works professionals and it can help raise the level of appreciation for the profession. How can the chapter get involved in the process?
Chapter Public Works Institutes – Hear from chapters that are currently offering Public Works Institutes and the benefits to the chapter and to the members.
Diversity & Inclusion in your Chapter – There is a great deal of talk about diversity and being inclusive in the public works profession and in APWA. Hear from chapters that are making it a reality.
In addition, there will once again be a “Help Desk,” manned by APWA staffers, in case a Chapter Leader has a specific issue or question that could be resolved by the staff. 

34 Chapters will receive the PACE Award in Seattle

There will be 34 chapters that receive the PACE (Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence) for this year. All 34 will be recognized in Seattle at the Awards Recognition Ceremony. 
The following PACE recipients are: Alberta, Arizona, California Central Coast, Chicago Metro, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas City Metro, Louisiana, Mid-Atlantic, Minnesota, Missouri, Monterey Bay, Nebraska, Nevada, New England, New York Metro, North Carolina, Northern California, Ohio, Oregon, Sacramento, San Diego/Imperial Counties, Silicon Valley, South Carolina, Southern California, Tennessee, Texas, Ventura County, Washington State and Wisconsin.
Chapters are encouraged to have representatives attend the Awards ceremony. The event starts at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 9 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. 

Submit Chapter Meeting Minutes

All chapters must submit their meeting minutes to Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net. If a chapter has not submitted the latest approved meeting minutes, please do so before the chapter officers change.