APWA Supports Local Control in 5G Installation

APWA has issued a letter of support to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for her introduction of S. 2012, a bill to help restore local control in 5G/broadband deployment. The bill is companion legislation to H.R. 530, introduced by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA), which APWA has previously stated support for.
Recent actions by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were taken to eliminate perceived regulatory barriers that inhibit the deployment of broadband infrastructure. However, the results have been the limiting of municipal participation in this deployment process.  This limitation on municipal participation and input jeopardizes the ability of municipalities to manage their rights-of-way (ROW).
APWA and its more than 30,000 members across North America believe that in terms of broadband internet deployment specifically, and infrastructure generally, enhancing state and local control regarding public works projects is key to successfully designing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure. When it comes to broadband installation, APWA opposes unfunded mandates and any effort to impede the appropriate use of public right of way. APWA strongly encourages the federal government and the telecommunications industry to coordinate with state and local governments on broadband infrastructure projects.
If you have questions or comments on this issue, please contact APWA Government Affairs Manager Sean Garcia.