APWA Chapter Leaders' Announcement 4.15.19

  • Chapter Leader Resources webinar scheduled for May 2 at 2:00 p.m.
  • PWX Chapter Leaders Forum set for September 9 in Seattle
  • Check out the March Membership Reports
  • You can now see training presentations on APWATV
  • Now online: Chapter Investment Webinar
  • Here's how to get Membership Anniversary Pins

Chapter Leader Resources webinar scheduled for May 2 at 2:00 p.m.

The Chapter Leader Resources area on the APWA website can only be accessed by chapter and branch officers. Committee chairs have access to the CLR site as well. 

A webinar to further explain and explore the Chapter Leader Resources area is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 2.
The webinar will cover the following:
  • Learn how to access the area and find it quickly
  • Explore the resources that can benefit you as a leader and your chapter
  • Discover the staff who can help you further with specific positions within your chapter/branch

All webinars sponsored by the Membership Department are a free resource for our chapter and branch leaders.
Please contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net for instructions on how to participate or if you have any questions.

PWX Chapter Leaders Forum set for September 9 in Seattle

The 2019 Chapter Leaders Forum will be held from 3:00-4:50 p.m. on Sunday, September 9 in Seattle. The event takes place during PWX, APWA’s annual convention and trade show. 

In 2018, the Forum brought together more than 100 leaders from 35 different chapters to network and engage in roundtable topic conversations addressing chapter capacity ideas, opportunities and challenges they are currently facing.  
There are other important networking and training sessions on the schedule for PWX. 
For more information about the Chapter Leaders Forum or about any other chapter leaders’ education and training sessions at PWX, contact Brad Patterson, APWA Chapter Membership Manager, at bpatterson@apwa.net.

Check out the March Chapter Membership Reports

(It will stop at the login screen first)
If the link above does not work, you can access the reports by using Sign in on the APWA website. After you have signed in, then click on MYAPWA HOME in the main menu, then from the MYAPWA HOME page click on the orange “Chapter Leader Resources” icon. You will find the link to chapter membership reports in the column on the right on the Chapter Leader Resources page.

The official overall membership total at the end of March is 29,962, an increase of 94 members since February’s total of 29,680. The March figure also represents an increase of 116 members from March 2018.
The chapter membership reports are updated automatically at 12:01 a.m. on the 8th day of each month. Anyone with questions can contact Brad Patterson at bpatterson@apwa.net or 1-800-848-2792, ext. 5263.

You can now see training presentations on APWATV

Chapter leader training topics are being added regularly to the ‘Resources’ area of the Chapter Leader Resources website. This is another opportunity for chapter leaders to take advantage of resources they may have missed or listen to recordings of presentations from the Chapter Leaders’ Training in 2019.
Sign in first, then use this link, or go to the Chapter Leader Resources segment of the APWA.net website to sign in and click on Chapter Leaders Playlist to find a listing of all the latest training webinars.

Now online: Chapter Investment Webinar

For those of you who are interested and were unable to participate in the Chapter Investment Webinar, it was recorded and is available to view at: https://youtu.be/A3fxcB14r2o
Contact Bill Fisher, Senior Consultant at bfisher@dimeoschneider.com or 703-720-5990 or Trey Olcott, Consultant at tolcott@dimeoschneider.com or 703-720-5981 with any questions or to move forward with switching of investment accounts.

Here's how to get Membership Anniversary Pins

A chapter membership committee chair can download the chapter’s roster and can easily determine when a member(s) has reached a milestone. 

Each member’s join date is included on the roster and with that join date, the membership chair can sort the report and see which members have reached milestone anniversaries with APWA and order an anniversary pin to present at a chapter conference or event.
The pins come in years of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25-year increments and are free. To request the pins, go to https://clr.apwa.net and sign in. Once at the Chapter Leader Resources section, click on the membership tab and find the boxes labeled Rosters, Live Reports and Statistics Reports. Choose the box that says Rosters to download the chapter roster.
There is also a tab marked “Anniversary Pin Order Form” on the main page of the Chapter Leader Resources section where there is an order form and photos of each of the pins.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net.