APWA Signs Letter to Congress Supporting 3DEP Map Funding

On April 8, APWA joined with over forty other organizations in signing onto a letter to Senate Committee on Appropriation Subcommittee on Interior and House Committee on Appropriation Subcommittee on Interior leadership. The letter  requested  Congress support the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) mapping in the amount of $146 Million for fiscal year 2020. 
3DEP will provide an essential tool towards the growing demand for consistent, high-quality topographic data of three-dimensional representations of the Nation’s natural and constructed features. Additionally, 3DEP can be applied to flood risk management, infrastructure, landslides, water resources, aviation safety, telecommunications, homeland security, emergency response; pipeline safety and other areas.
The $146 million, if appropriated, would enable USGS to achieve nationwide coverage of the United States on an 8-year cycle, as originally designed in the USGS plan for 3DEP.

Please contact APWA Government Affairs Manager Marty Williams, at mwilliams@apwa.net, or (202) 218-6732, with any questions.