APWA to Participate in NHSC Annual Winter Meeting

On February 7-8, APWA Emergency Management Technical Committee Chair Mark Ray and APWA Government Affairs Manager Marty Williams are participating in the National Homeland Security Consortium (NHSC) Winter Meeting in Alexandria, VA.

NHSC consists of 21 national organizations that represent local, state, and private professionals, and first & secondary responders who deliver the daily services vital to the safety and security of the United States. The one-and-a-half-day session includes EARTH EX Black Sky Event (BSE) Simulation Project/Exercisewhich focuses organizations and agencies on understanding the impact of cascading consequences and the interconnected nature of critical lifeline infrastructures.

Black Sky hazards can include man-made hazards such as Electromagnetic Pulse/ Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (EMP/EMI), cyberattack and coordinated physical assaults and natural hazardssuch as seismic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) or severe space weather. This exercise has been presented through all 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regions in the nation.  

Please contact APWA Government Affairs Manager Marty Williams, at mwilliams@apwa.net, or (202) 218-6732, with any questions.