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Huntington Beach, CA Deploys AI-powered Energy Storage to Manage Energy and Save Money

Huntington Beach, CA – The City of Huntington Beach has announced a partnership with Stem, Inc. to deploy an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered energy storage system at the City’s Civic Center that will help manage energy at the facility. When the AI-powered 235 kilowatt-hour (kWh)-sized system goes live early this year, it is expected to help the city save as much as $82,000 in energy costs over 10 years. The system also complements a suite of municipal energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, pairing energy storage with 2.13 megawatts of solar photovoltaic generation at the Civic Center, City Library, and City Yard.

"The City of Huntington Beach has robust community sustainability goals and a responsibility to control our operating costs," said Councilmember Mike Posey. "We were attracted to Stem's track record with automated customer savings while also using their storage networks to help integrate more renewable energy into the local grid."

The AI-powered system will use predictive analytics to anticipate the Civic Center's energy needs and maximize the benefits of renewable energy systems by giving the City greater control and flexibility to shift among sources: solar power generated onsite, energy stored in the battery, and energy from the grid. The system responds to fluctuations in solar generation and predicts when “demand charges” will occur, allowing customers to buy energy when it is cheap and lower costs by using stored energy when the cost of energy from the grid rises.

In joining Stem's network of energy storage systems, the City will also have access to a marketplace where revenue can be generated when the system is not needed onsite. When extreme weather like heat waves and wildfires strain the grid, Stem's systems are dispatched in real time, providing local utilities additional power when needed.

"California's cities are leading the way in adopting innovative technology services that enhance their sustainability plans while maximizing taxpayer returns, but they expect proven experience from their vendors," said John Carrington, CEO of Stem, Inc. "With Stem's AI-powered services, The City of Huntington Beach can take advantage of dramatic energy bill savings and access new revenue opportunities by contributing to local grid reliability."

For additional information:
Julie Toledo
City of Huntington Beach Public Information Officer/City Manager's Office

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