APWA Chapter Leaders' Announcements 12.4.18

  • Registration deadline coming soon for Chapter Leaders Trainning Workshop and Winter Council of Chapters meeting
  • Membership webcast scheduled
  • Advantage newsletter now online
  • Get the most out of your training $$$
  • Chapters should know this about contracts... 

Registration Deadline Coming Soon for Chapter Leaders Training Workshop and Winter Council of Chapters Meeting

The biennial Chapter Leaders Training, in conjunction with the Winter Council of Chapters meeting, is scheduled for January 31-February 1, 2019 in Kansas City.

Use this link to go to the CLT page to find the registration information and a tentative agenda: www.apwa.net/clt.
This event brings chapter leaders − including presidents, presidents-elect, treasurers, membership committee chairs and others – to Kansas City where they can interact with their peers from all over North America.
This year this two-day workshop provides chapter leaders and Council of Chapters delegates the opportunity to understand how chapters and branches work with APWA National, the services and resources available to chapters from National, and provides an excellent opportunity to network with leaders and delegates from other chapters.
To help offset the cost, APWA provides stipends to the chapters:

  • Up to a $700 stipend to send two individuals ($350 per person) to the Chapter Leaders Training
  • $500 for delegates to attend the Council of Chapters meetings.

If a chapter would like to send more than two leaders to Chapter Leaders Training, there is a $200 registration fee for each person to cover food and beverage costs.
With the holidays fast approaching, be sure to register early for Chapter Leaders Training and book your hotel reservations, so you can enjoy your time with family. The deadline for hotel reservations is January 9, 2019, in order to book at the special room rate of $159/night (plus applicable taxes and fees).
Use this link to go to the CLT page to find the registration information and a tentative agenda: www.apwa.net/clt.
Please contact APWA at ChapterSupport@apwa.net for additional information. 

Membership Webcast Scheduled

A Membership 101 webinar will be held at 2:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time) on Tuesday, January 22.
This webcast is presented each year in January, helping the new chapter and branch membership chairs navigate the Chapter Leader Resources area and helping them understand the membership-specific materials. It is also a great way for those who have been a membership chair to review some of the materials and learn about any new processes. 
Those attending the webinar will learn how to find and make use of the various membership reports and hear of Best Practices from other chapters. Participants will also be able to ask questions through the one-hour program.
For more information, contact Brad Patterson at bpatterson@apwa.net or 816-595-5263 or to register, contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net or 800-848-2792 (ex. 5261).

Advantage Newsletter now online

A new issue of the APWA Advantage newsletter is available online on the APWA.net website.
The APWA Advantage newsletter is now included in the New Member Welcome e-mail that goes out on a regular basis. It provides new members a good overview of the continuing education and professional development opportunities that are available, as well as introducing new members to all the activities of their association.
Chapters can download the PDF and print out hard copies of the 12-page newsletter to use as a recruitment tool at chapter meetings or conferences.  The newsletter also helps remind current members of the benefits they receive from APWA and all that goes on in their association.
Click here to see the most recent edition.  

Get the Most out of Your Training $$$

It's that time of year...Get the most out of end-of-year training dollars with APWA's flexible eLearning programs!
This the perfect fit for anyone looking to get last-minute training or to get additional training for employees.  eLearning educational programs allow APWA members to access curriculum outside a traditional classroom setting, using online technology.
These easy-to-use courses feature slide-based content, simple navigation buttons, and quizzes with true/false or multiple-choice questions to ensure understanding on various public works-related topics.

Available eLearning Courses

Chapters should know this about contracts...

As chapter leaders prepare for 2019, it is important that they remember that all contracts with a $10,000 or greater value must be submitted to National for review prior to the contract being signed.  All contracts of $5,000 – 9,999 value must be submitted to National to be kept on file in your chapter records.
All contracts for chapter administrator services must be submitted to National for review. Contracts should be submitted to Meera Patel, Accountant, Chapters, at mpatel@apwa.net.