APWA encourages members to vote in Nov. 6 elections

November 6 is Election Day!

APWA encourages all of our members who are United States citizens to participate in the November 6 mid-term elections! Held every two years, midterm elections take place halfway through a presidential term. This year all 435 House seats, 35 Senate seats and 39 governorships are on ballots across the country. While you won’t be voting for the highest office in the land this year, you still have the privilege and duty to vote for who you want as your U.S.  Representative, and depending where you live, your U.S. Senators and Governor.

We know it can be overwhelming, taking the time to research all candidates and their values, but those elected to represent you will influence decisions that will impact your communities and public works operations, whether through funding, regulations, zoning, etc. the list goes on! Please take the time to educate yourself about each candidate, and as a public works professional, we encourage you to specifically take a look to see where each candidate lines up with respect to policies that directly impact the public works industry.

For reference, these are APWA’s position statements which you may consider when evaluating candidates: You may find your polling place here!