Check out GAC’s ‘Tips and Tricks’ Advocacy Video

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) members are featured in a new APWA video sharing their “Tips and Tricks” for advocating. During their Spring 2018 meeting held in Washington, D.C., the GAC members focused on getting information out to all APWA members on how to best advocate on behalf of public works.

The ‘Tips and Tricks’ advocacy video shares insight from GAC members to assist APWA members in educating lawmakers. Public works professionals are on the front lines providing essential services to their communities and are among the first to see and directly experience the impact of legislative and regulatory decisions. This is why APWA members are vitally important stakeholders in advocating for infrastructure financing and funding, providing for transportation infrastructure, supporting water resiliency, and recognizing and supporting emergency management and response. To ensure elected officials make informed and effective decisions, it is imperative they consistently hear from APWA’s more than 30,000 members.

Helping to lead the advocacy charge for APWA is the Government Affairs Committee (GAC). Members of the GAC are responsible for identifying, drafting, and promoting APWA’s public policy priorities. In conjunction with APWA’s Board of Directors, membership, and staff, the GAC works diligently to advance APWA’s policy priorities and is the voice of public works to government leaders and the media.

Click here to view GAC’s Tips and Tricks on advocacy.