New thinking: New certification

APWA is excited to announce the new Certified Public Works Professional program will launch at PWX 2018 in Kansas City.

The Certified Public Works Professional (CPWP) designation will have two levels:
  • Supervision Level (CPWP-S) - The Certified Public Works Professional-Supervision recognizes individuals in the public works field who have the knowledge and experience to become supervisors in a public works organization. It is targeted to front-line employees, first-line supervisors and crew leaders, or others who wish to advance.
  • Management Level (CPWP-M) - The Certified Public Works Professional-Management recognizes individuals in the public works field who have the knowledge and experience to manage organizations within a public works department. It is targeted to current supervisors who desire to move to management positions, mid-level managers and superintendents.
As with our existing certifications, the Public Works Professional certificattion process will include eligibility application with requirements, multiple-choice exam, and recertification. Applications will be available for the new program in June, with the first testing to take place in August.

What role do the nationally-approved Public Works Institutes play?
Several PW Institute representatives participated in the development of the program requirements and exam content outline (job analysis) for the CPWP. Completion of a PW Institute will not be a requirement for the new CPWP program however, PW Institutes will be a valuable training option for those seeking certification. PW Institutes will not be asked to change their curriculum or “teach” to the exam. PW Institute graduates will be provided an alternative pathway into certification eligibility.

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