Road to Zero Coalition Update

The Road to Zero Coalition held its most recent meeting on March 20 in Washington, D.C. Now comprised of 650 organizations, including APWA, the coalition continues its push towards a goal of zero traffic related deaths by 2050. During its most recent meeting, coalition members had the opportunity to listen to administrators from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and a panel focused on commercial truck safety. Presently, the Road to Zero coalition is drafting a report on the Long-Term Vison for Achieving Zero which is aimed at educating the public, elected leaders and government officials that achieving zero is possible. In recent months, coalition members were assigned to working groups focused specifically on areas important to reaching zero, and all the information has been provided to the RAND Corporation to pull together in one report highlighting key messages. APWA Government Affairs Director Andrea Eales attends all the Road to Zero meetings and has been participating in the infrastructure working group for report drafting purposes.
During the March 20 meeting, the recipients of the 2018 Road to Zero grants were announced and will be publicly released in the coming days through a press release. For this year, there are 8 recipients receiving a portion of $1 million in funding. The Federal Highway Administration announced during the March 20 meeting that it is committing an additional $500,000 in 2018 funding on top of the original $1 million, so more grant awardees are expected to be selected from the applications submitted by the January 26, 2018 deadline.
Please contact Andrea Eales at regarding APWA’s participation in the Road to Zero coalition. You may click here for additional information about Road to Zero and grant announcements.