U.S. DOT Calling for Input on Autonomous Vehicles

Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) released the Federal Automated Vehicle Policy (FAVP) 3.0, also known as “A Vision for Safety 3.0”. U.S. DOT Secretary Elaine Chao has said FAVP 3.0 emphasizes a “unified, intermodal approach to automated driving systems (ADSs) policy” to safely integrate surface automated transportation systems—including cars, trucks, light rail, infrastructure, and port operations. To facilitate public engagement, U.S. DOT has created a central point on its website where recent topics related to autonomous vehicles and calls for input may be reviewed. Calls for comment related to autonomous vehicles are currently posted from the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, and the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. APWA Government Affairs is monitoring these issues and needs to hear from APWA members on the impact of autonomous vehicles on public works.

Please provide your comments and experiences to APWA Director of Government Affairs Andrea Eales at aeales@apwa.net. Also, please be sure to check the U.S. DOT website, www.transportation.gov regularly for updates as more calls for input are expected in this area from U.S. DOT in the coming weeks.