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Teton County initiates energy audit of county facilities

Jackson, WY – Teton County's leaders have long held a commitment to environmental stewardship and to reducing the environmental footprint of county operations. The county’s sustainability and energy conservation strategy includes the purchase of 100% renewable electricity from a nearby low impact hydroelectric project as well as on-site renewable power generation from grid tied photovoltaic systems and a solar thermal system.

This year, as a first step in implementing the county’s new sustainability plan, the county will benchmark energy use at county facilities and conduct energy audits of its courthouse and recreation center. The Teton County Board of County Commissioners approved a $37,870 contract in December for a consultant to use historical energy consumption to calculate and report the Energy Use Intensities (EUI) of 24 county facilities and then provide a priority list for future energy audits.

“It will show us where we are inefficient and who would be the best candidates, facility-wise, for the next round of audits,” said Lauren Long, the county’s director of general services.

The contract also includes ASHRAE Level II Energy Audits of the Teton County Courthouse and Recreation Center to provide whole-systems understanding of current energy usage and the most rewarding opportunities for improvement.

“Right now, we already are aware those are our most inefficient buildings, so we want to tackle those as soon as possible,” Long said.

The contract funds come from the Teton County Energy Mitigation Fund, a supplement to the county’s energy efficiency and residential energy conservation codes developed to offset the disproportionate energy consumption of large buildings through conservation, on-site renewable energy installation or fees in-lieu. The EUI calculations and courthouse audit will be complete by May 2018 and the recreation center audit in Fall 2018.

“These calculations will give us the road map of how to continue on this path,” Long said. “We’re really excited to get it kicked off; it’s been a long time in the making.”

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