APWA Participates in EPA Meeting on Lead and Copper Rule Revision

In a recent two-hour, closed door meeting with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials, APWA, along with other stakeholder groups, provided comments on revising the Lead and Copper Rule. The meeting begins a 60-day public comment period. EPA officials are also requesting one on one meetings with stakeholders in order to get more targeted comments on how revisions to the rule might effect various sectors, including public works.

During the meeting, EPA officials presented potential revisions to the rule, encompassed in five major areas: 1) Lead service line replacement; 2) Corrosion Control Treatment; 3) Tap sampling; 4) Public education and transparency; and 5) Copper requirements. The presentation centered on what requirements are under the current rule, and potential revisions that EPA is considering.

Full lead service line replacement, which some stakeholders have called for nationwide, was discussed on several levels, including cost. With anywhere from 6 to 10 million lead service lines in place across the country, and replacement costing anywhere from $1,200 to $12,300 per line, total costs could spike to $123 billion.

EPA is asking stakeholders to offer comments on the areas of revision presented, as well as potential revisions not covered in the presentation. The EPA presentation may be viewed here.

APWA will be submitting comments to EPA prior to the March 8 deadline. If you have comments that you wish to be included in the APWA comments, please contact Sean Garcia of APWA Government Affairs at sgarcia@apwa.net.