APWA’s Ethics in Public Works courses are now available for purchase

APWA is pleased to introduce a new program in its eLearning portal offerings:  Ethics in Public Works. The program includes two courses, one for public works professionals and one for supervisors. Courses discuss the importance of identifying and communicating ethical standards to ensure an ethical environment. Providing education is the first step toward ensuring that ethical standards are being followed, it is important that everyone knows the ethical expectations in the workplace. Sometimes it is difficult to identify potential ethical missteps, as many situations fall into a “gray area” where the lines can be blurred. This is why it is so important to have a clear understanding of an organization's ethical standards. It helps encourage staff to make ethical decisions, and provides a clear guide when navigating in murky waters. Ethical employees are developed by providing education on what is acceptable and unacceptable in an organization. An ethical culture is cultivated, not mandated; to ensure an ethical culture in your organization, provide education and support–then watch it flourish. Learn more about the Ethics in Public Works courses.

All courses in APWA’s eLearning portal can be purchased separately, or in a program bundle at a discounted price.

Other APWA eLearning Portal programs include Construction Inspection 201: Project Management. This program provides guidelines for the various areas needed to maintain professionalism and competence in construction inspection project management which includes communication, contractor relations, plans and specifications, construction meetings, progress meetings, scheduling; documentation, negotiations, and project close-out.

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