What a great time to be a member of APWA!

by Bo Mills, PWLF, APWA President

Note: President Mills gave a presentation during the APWA PWX Opening General Session on August 27, 2017. Some excerpts from that presentation are provided below along with a link to the entire presentation video and the script (published in the November issue of the APWA Reporter).

We are positioned for a tremendous run in APWA. Our membership is nearing thirty thousand. (Editor’s note: Later during the conference President Mills announced that our membership exceeded that number.) Thirty thousand seemed like an unattainable goal some twelve years ago when I served on the Membership Committee. This association of professionals is doing things right. I am so excited about Tuesday’s Equipment Roadeo. This is a first for APWA to have a roadeo event at our PWX. Creating opportunities for support staff in APWA is tremendous. I am nothing without my staff. They are the ones that make the systems work and provide the services. Every customer’s service comes down to that person who collects the garbage, who responds to the water leak, who clears the storm drains, who plows the street. We are all blessed to have teams of professionals providing these services. I have an awesome staff and I thank them for supporting me. I’m glad we are involving these professionals in our organization more and more. This is going to be good for APWA.

Our association’s Strategic Plan is approved. It will take us into the next three years focusing on defining the value of public works to our communities, focusing on being the voice of public works to governments and the media, focusing on excellence in education and credentialing, and focusing on creating a dynamic membership and chapter support model to be sure our members are being engaged and are receiving value. This Strategic Plan, along with guidance from the Board of Directors, with the leadership of our Executive Director, Scott Grayson, and our exceptional APWA staff in Kansas City and Washington, DC, will serve this organization well. What a great time to be a member of APWA and, for me, what a great time to serve.

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