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The recorded presentations from the 2016 Public Works Expo (PWX) have now been added to the Members’ Library. Members may view these recorded presentations, anytime, anywhere they have internet access, and free of charge (see instructions below). Topics covered include construction management, education and training, emergency management, engineering and technology, facilities, fleet services, grounds and urban forestry, leadership and management, sustainability, transportation, utility and public rights-of-way, water and sewers, winter maintenance.

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Construction Management
  • A Look Inside the Commissioning Process
  • From Nowhere to Somewhere: Constructing the East-Side Roadway in Northern Manitoba
  • Next Practices in Project Delivery Drives Roadway Success
  • Project Risk Assessment and Management
  • Reducing Basement Backups through Intergovernmental Cooperation and Design-Build
  • WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: Capital Improvement Planning Processes - Executing Processes for Successful Community Investments
Education & Training
  • Do the Right Work at the Right Time - An Infrastructure Asset Management Approach Utilizing GIS and Mobile Technology
  • JR Fellow Presentation: Waterfront Redevelopment and Transportation Planning in Auckland, New Zealand: The Down-Under Education of an American Transportation Planner
  • WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: Aspiring to Public Works Leadership?
Emergency Management
  • Disaster Preparedness - What Are You Missing?
  • Everyone Should Get to Go Home - An Active Shooter Preparedness and Response Program
  • Mutual Aid Agreement for Utah Public Works Emergency Management Alliance
  • New Technologies for Airport Snow Removal
Engineering & Technology
  • 3-D Modeling for Underground Utilities Finds the Way
  • Artists and Engineers – Are We Really THAT Different and Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • Big Bang for the Buck - Laser Scanning Values in Public Works Infrastructure
  • Effective Asset Management Planning through a Life Cycle Lens
  • How Digitization is Changing Public Works
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: In Minnesota, It’s Not Just About Projects Anymore!
  • MN2050 Initiative - Making Infrastructure Great Again
  • Moving Beyond Adaptive Traffic Signal Control to Semi-Autonomous/Autonomous Systems
  • Public Works Stormwater Summit Day Two: Trends and Solutions for Stormwater Management
  • Real Solutions to Your Economic Woes
  • Rice Creek Commons: Revitalizing a Vacant Brownfield
  • Take the Pain Out of Your Snow Plan
  • The New Zealand National 30-Year Infrastructure Plan
  • The Remarkable Impact of Being an Effective Client
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Bridge Inspection
  • Here Are the Keys to the Facilities, Now What?
Fleet Services
  • Effective Fleet Management Strategy for Municipal Fleets
  • Workshop: Challenges and Solutions for Public Fleet Managers
Grounds & Urban Forestry
  • Addressing Homelessness in Eugene and Public Works
  • Doing it Right - A Systems Approach to Park Maintenance and Asset Management
Leadership & Management
  • Advocacy Palooza!
  • Advocacy Success for Public Works at the State and Local Level
  • A View from the Top - Women in All Stages of Public Works Talk About Their Lives and Careers
  • Celebrating Success! Accreditation: What Has It Done For Us?
  • Closing General Session: Strong Towns
  • Culvert Inspection and Repair -- We Could Have Fixed it Cheaper, Sooner!
  • Environmental Justice and Public Works - Protecting Our Customers
  • Kenosha County Park and Ride Project - Innovative Partnerships, Design and Construction Techniques Resolve Multiple Challenges
  • Motivation Techniques to Improve Organizational Performance
  • Overcoming the Challenges to Bring More Women Into the Trades
  • Opening General Session: Captain Scott Kelly, History-Making U.S. Astronaut and Retired U.S. Navy Captain
  • Preparing the Next Generation of Public Works - Equipping Leaders with Tools to Engage Your Staff and Harness the Power of Community - (The Myron Calkins Excellence in Leadership Series)
  • Public Works Director Roundtable - Where Directors Go to Grow!
  • What - My Employees are Human? I Need Them to Produce More!
  • When You Talk is Anyone Listening? Strategies for Getting Your Message Heard
  • Active, Safe and Green
  • Adaptation and Resilience at the City of Fort Lauderdale
  • Asset Management: The Key to Weathering the Facility and Energy Management Storm?
  • Perspectives of 3 Minnesota Local Governments
  • Built It and They ALL Came! Redondo Beach Harbor Gateway and Bike Path
  • Do's and Don'ts of Implementing Fully Automated Garbage & Recycling Collection
  • Extreme Signal Makeover
  • Learning Organizations, the Platform for Resilient Communities
  • LIGHTNING ROUND: Caring for the Urban Forest
  • Measuring Mobility - Beyond Level of Service
  • Millennials Are Taking Over, One Bike Lane at a Time
  • Municipal Engineers and Bicycle Advocates Make Really Great Friends!
  • Reversing 100 Years of Railway Impact on a Regionally Valuable Aquatic Habitat
  • Surviving a Community-Wide Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Build-out
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management: Best Practices for Environmental Management Systems (APWA 40)
  • Thanks Academy Street for a Great Walk
  • The 3 Pillars of Sustainable Infrastructure: Go Beyond Plain Vanilla Asset Management
  • Using Asset Management Tools to Design, Implement and Monitor Energy Efficiency Improvements
  • Warming Up to Sustainable Paving
  • We Have Always Done It This Way - Moving Away From Emotions in Developing a Fleet Capital Equipment Program
  • What Funding? Where? How to Build Support for It?
  • A Complete Roundabout with All the Latest Features
  • A Year in the Life of a Protected Bike Lane
  • Complete Streets Design - State-of-the-Practice
  • Park the Coupe, Ride the Loop!
  • Risk-Based Planning for Bridges
  • The Benefits of Implementing a Pavement Management System
  • The FAST Act - Details about a Long-Term Federal Funding Bill
  • Transportation for the Future
  • Turning the Corner on Municipal Transportation Policy!
  • Utilizing Technology to Achieve Results in Winter Maintenance
  • What the Public Works Community Needs to Know about Connected Vehicles
Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way
  • Abandoned Utilities: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
  • Overcoming Political Pressure and Community Stigma when Evaluating Tree Removal for Public Works Projects
Water & Sewers
  • Can a City Effectively and Successfully Incorporate a Work Order Management System and GIS into an Asset Management Program? Yes!
  • Cutting the Gordian Knot - Funding Approaches and Resources for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
  • Herbicide on Legs - Goats for Vegetation Management
  • How-to Guide for Funding Stormwater Programs and Projects for Small Cities Rural Communities
  • Mouse River: Enhanced Flood Protection and Hazard Mitigation
  • Permeable Paver Streets Are Not Parking Lots - Successes and Challenges with Permeable Paver Streets in the Midwest
  • Perspectives on J100 Vulnerability Assessment - Outcomes and Lessons Learned by Minneapolis Water Treatment
  • Refreshing the Effective Utility Management (EUM) Framework
  • Regenerative Stormwater Conveyances: Giving Old, Perched Outfalls a New Life
  • Solar Collaboration Among Local Governments
  • The Complete Solution to Water Resources Management - Moorpark Desalter Project
  • The Evolving Role of Public Works in Emergency Management
  • The Mississippi River and Wastewater Treatment: A History of Water Quality Improvements and Its Impact on the Vitality of St. Paul's Riverfront Development
  • Triple Bottom Line Analysis Drives St. Paul Redevelopment Planning Project
Winter Maintenance
  • How to Achieve Excellence in Snow and Ice Control
  • More Cyclists Through Better Winter Maintenance
  • National Weather Service (NWS) Resources For Public Works
  • Public Works Stormwater Summit Day One: Stormwater Asset Management Strategies and Tools
  • Where Is My Snow Plow? Real World Uses of Fleet Telematics
  • Winter Maintenance Assessment Tool: An Innovative Tool to Manage Salt

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