38 Winter Maintenance Programs Added to Members’ Library

A total of 43 recorded presentations from the 2016 North American Snow Conference have now been added to the Members’ Library. Most are related to the topic of winter maintenance; other topics include construction management, fleet services, leadership and management, and transportation. Each recorded presentation is approximately 45 minutes in duration. Members may view these recorded presentations, anytime, anywhere (requires internet access), and free of charge.

To access any of the recorded presentations listed below, anyone with a current APWA or CPWA membership should:
  1. Go to www.apwa.net and sign in
  2. Then come back to this news page and click on the name of the desired presentation
  3. That will take you to the video’s home page where you can launch the video by clicking on the title or the icon next to it. (You can also find each presentation by searching within the applicable topic in the Members’ Library, or finding it in the “Additional Newer Resources in Library” section at the bottom of each video’s page.)

Topic: Winter Maintenance
New Technology Trends for Winter Maintenance
Use of Equipment Lighting During Snow Plow Operations
Managing Change Alaska Style: Climate and Budget
Snow and Ice Control - Equipment and Techniques
Utilizing Technology to Achieve Results
Change - It Doesn't Have to Be a Bad Word!
Snow Storm Management...Real Life/Real Time
Change - Challenges When Implementing New Ideas for Winter Maintenance
Winter Highway Maintenance: Balancing Concerns and Safety
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly in Snow & Ice Control
Not All Roads Are Paved; Winter Maintenance of Gravel and Surface Treated Roads
No Longer the Silent Servant; Let's Shout Our Important Story
Liquids in Snow and Ice Control? What, When, Why and How
Winter Weather Operations Planning: Improving Your Snow and Ice Control Program
We May Be Small but We Are Mighty!
Drilling Our Own Brine Wells - A Unique Approach to Brine
Best Practices for the Storage of Salt, Sand and Liquid Deicing Agents
Snow & Ice Control Workshop - 15 Years and Counting
A Year in the Life of a Protected Bike Lane
Direct Liquid Application (DLA): During & After the Storm
New England Winter Storm Stories - Lessons for All
The Automation of Snow Operations Paperwork with Web-Based Tools
Winter Maintenance Assessment Tool: An Innovative Way to Manage Salt Use
The Top Ten Issues in Winter Maintenance - Third Time a Charm!
Web-based GIS for Municipal Snow Operations
Overcoming Budget Woe's
AVL 101: Crash Course in Automated Vehicle Location Systems
Make Your Community a Member of Your Team
Let's Talk Road Weather!
How Two Towns Survived and Recovered from a Devastating Winter Storm
The Season of Zero Visibility - the Winter of 2014-2015
Dalton Highway Flood(s) Emergency Response
How to Convince Stakeholders to Implement New Winter Maintenance Practices
Utilizing Alternative Fuels During Winter Emergencies
Challenges of Winter Weather Forecasting Along the East Coast
Changing the Conversation - General Session Talk Show
Practical Solutions
Excellence in Snow & Ice Control

Topic: Construction Management
A Tale of Two Buildings

Topic: Fleet Services
Best Maintenance Practices for Snow Fleets - Before, During & After the Snow
Updating Operational Plans for New Technologies and Policies

Topic: Leadership & Management
Aligning Performance with Increasing Expectations

Topic: Transportation
RWIS Automated Advisory System