APWA Announces 30 Who Recently Earned Certification

APWA is pleased to announce the 30 individuals who recently earned the credentials of Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP), Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII) or Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM). APWA’s certification programs promote excellence in public service by advancing knowledge and practices to benefit communities and public agencies. These credentials are earned through education, work experience and testing. Newly credentialed individuals include:

Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP)
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  • Robert T. Philips, CPFP - Anne Arundel County Government, Millersville, Maryland
Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII)
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  • Paul N. Allison, CPII - MWH Constructors, Huntington Beach, California
  • Richard J. Baxter, CPII - City of Houston, Seabrook, Texas
  • Michael M. Byrne, CPII - City of Buckeye, Buckeye, Arizona
  • Alejandro Carpy, CPII - City of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • Ian S. Cesario, CPII - MWH Constructors, Pasadena, California
  • Dominic R. Colaizzi, CPII - KBA, Inc, Olympia, Washington
  • Garvin L.L. De Gale, CPII - City of Pasadena, Pasadena, California
  • Mark W. DeLaney, CPII - North Texas Municipal Water District, Wylie, Texas
  • David J. Dismang, CPII - MWH Global, Riverside, California
  • Edward J. Dobbs, CPII - Mobile Area Water Sewer System, Semmes, Alabama
  • James M. Harrison, CPII - North Texas Municipal Water District, Quinlan, Texas
  • Samuel J. Hawkins, CPII - MWH Constructors, San Jose, California
  • Larry F. Jenkins, CPII - City of Ventura, Ventura, California
  • Jay M. Jensma, CPII - Town of Castle Rock, Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Jeffrey J. Martinez, CPII - MWH Constructors, San Bernardino, California
  • Michael R. Shipman, CPII - Fairfax Water, Broadlands, Virginia
  • Gregory M. Stoia, CPII - City of Alameda, Alameda, California
  • David Sun, CPII - MWH Constructors, Sacramento, California
  • Charles F. Thrall, CPII - City of Ventura, Ventura, California
  • Kyle A. Troka, CPII - Strand Associates, Inc, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ted Ward, CPII - SPACECO, Inc, Rosemont, Illinois
  • Gregory A. Warren, CPII - North Texas Municipal Water District, Melissa, Texas
  • Wade P. Weston, CPII - MWH Constructors, Carmichael, California
  • John M. Wintters, CPII - North Texas Municipal Water District, Wylie, Texas
  • Matios B. Woldu, CPII - City of Houston, Sugar Land, Texas
  • H. Grant Young, Jr, CPII - City of Ocala, Ocala, Florida
Certified Stromwater Manager (CSM)
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  • James S. Cole, CSM - Benesch, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Catherine T. Craver, CSM - Whatcom County, Bellingham, Washington
  • Michael R. Madison, CSM - City of Peachtree City, Peachtree City, Georgia
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Media Contact: Laura Bynum, APWA Media Relations Manager, 800-848-2792 ext 6736 or lbynum@apwa.net.