APWA Urges Members to Ask Congress to Protect Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds

Congress is considering rewriting the tax code, and it could restrict access to the financing which many communities need to build and maintain their infrastructure by eliminating tax free municipal bonds. Public Works professionals have two allies in Congressmen Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland and Randy Hultgren of Illinois who are leading an effort to send a letter to the chief tax writers in the House of Representatives asking that they protect this important financing tool.

To be more persuasive, they need other Members of Congress to sign onto the letter. Therefore, Representatives Ruppersberger and Hultgren are asking APWA’s members, and other state and local organizations, to reach out to their Representatives and request they sign onto this bipartisan letter supporting municipal bonds. Through the APWA Advocates system, you may send a prepared letter that will automatically go to your Representative. You may edit it to reflect your style or experiences with municipal bonds. Examples are always encouraged and are effective at persuading the Representatives. You may also call your Representative at 202-224-3121 to share your views. For additional information and to email your U.S. Representative, please click here.