APWA Joins 29 Partner Organizations in Supporting Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are a fundamental financing tool for many cities across the country. APWA and 29 partner organizations have expressed their strong support for municipal bonds in a joint letter to all Members of Congress. Through the municipal bond tax exemption, state and local governments are currently able to access the capital markets to finance infrastructure needs in their communities in a cost effective manner.

As the Trump Administration and Congress work to identify funding for infrastructure investments, the organizations’ letter stresses the need to protect municipal bonds. It is estimated that tax-exempt municipal bonds have financed more than $2 trillion in new infrastructure investments over the past ten years, and will finance an additional $2 trillion in the coming ten years. The bonds have been used to finance repairs to and construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, highways and bridges, public transportation, seaports and marine terminals, airports, water and wastewater facilities, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, and hospitals.

Access the letter here.

For more information on municipal bonds, contact APWA Government Affairs Director Andrea Eales at aeales@apwa.net, or 202-218-6730.