APWA Accreditation 2016: A Year in Review

Throughout 2016, the APWA accreditation program continued successfully both with first time accreditation and re-accreditation site visits. There were 12 agencies across 10 states who achieved accreditation and 21 agencies awarded re-accreditation status throughout the year.

Currently, 120 agencies have reached the accreditation status and been recognized for their commitment to continuous improvement in the delivery of public works operations and services in the community it serves.

Accreditation is important to agencies that seek a method of demonstrating the agency is well managed, complies with recommended practices and is dedicated to continuous improvement of public works management practices.  Additionally, accreditation is important to your organization because it provides:
  • International recognition for the commitment to processes that promote good government
  • Recognition for the commitment to policies, procedures and process that promote effective delivery of projects & services
  • A process for conducting a needs assessment to ensure all critical services have been addressed
  • A process for setting goals for improvement of all practices, facilities and services
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness through critical evaluation of programs & services
  • Tools for establishing performance measurement systems and internal performance standards for operations, management and administrative functions
  • A visible form of recognition that can be used to gain community support for improvement of public works facilities & services
  • An opportunity for professional development of the agency’s staff
  • A process for staying abreast of the latest developments in public works operations and maintenance.
More information on accreditation and self-assessment