Construction Practices Subcommittee

The mission of the Construction Practices Subcommittee is to provide a forum that represents the interest of local governments and utilities, while facilitating the transfer of knowledge, information and best management practices with respect to public and private construction activities in the public rights-of-way.

The subcommittee reviews new construction technologies and methods and evaluates their effectiveness.  The subcommittee also seeks to educate state and public works agencies and local regulators about natural gas industry programs and undertake efforts that restore street cuts and pavement restoration more quickly, with less public impact, better quality and often at a lower cost.

Subcommittee roster

Chair NationalGrid
Mr. Gerard Peter Lundquist Brooklyn, NY
DIRECTOR Full contact info

Member PECO Energy Company
Mr. T. Mark Andraka Philadelphia, PA
Senior Engineer Full contact info

Member Al Field and Associates LLC
Mr. Al Field Phoenix, AZ
President Full contact info

Member BHC Rhodes
Mr. Murvyn Morehead Overland Park, KS
Senior Engineering Tech Full contact info

Member Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Mr. George Ragula Newark, NJ
Distribution Technology Manager Full contact info

Member Woodard Curran
Mr. Dennis M. Walsh, PE East Windsor, NJ
Senior Project Manager Full contact info

Staff Liaison American Public Works Association
Ms. Rita Cassida, PE Kansas City, MO
Education Manager Full contact info