Asset Management Committee


To support APWA members that operate, improve and maintain public works and infrastructure through advocacy, education, resource development, and member engagement in the field of asset management.

A Message from the Chair

About the Committee

The Asset Management Technical Committee was established in 2018 to continue the work of the Asset Management Task Force that was created in 2015 by APWA President Larry Stevens.  The committee held its first meeting at PWX in Kansas City. The committee is working on a multi-year work plan to support members with Asset Management.  It will include advocacy, education, resource development and member engagement. 

Please visit the Asset Management Topic in the Resource Center for additional information. The Asset Management Task Force has created several tools including the Agency Infrastructure Report, the Asset Management Effective Utility Management Resources webpage and the Guide to Successful Asset Management.

Asset management is not a destination, but a continual journey. The Asset Management Roadmap portrays the suggested route. This interactive tool outlines the steps to success, covering key terms and examples along the way.

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Asset Management Knowledge Team

In an effort to expand volunteer opportunities to those who may be interested in contributing to the Asset Management Committee, the committee has created an Asset Management Knowledge Team. Members of the Knowledge Team will commit to share information with APWA members by writing articles; presenting Click, Listen, and Learn sessions; speaking at PWX and other conferences; and other projects.

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Asset Management Demystified
The Asset Management Demystified PowerPoint presentation is designed for chapter use.  Chapters can use the presentation as a tool to educate members on fundamental asset management concepts and benefits.  The Asset Management Committee created the presentation to ensure communities are better able to align themselves with expectations by managing their assets.

Asset Management Long-Range Plan
To ensure committee work remains in line with APWA strategic plan the Asset Management Committee created a long-range plan to outline initiatives and projects aimed at educating members on asset management principles and practices.

Asset Management in a Nutshell
Managing infrastructure assets in public works is often seen as complex and intimidating. The APWA Asset Management Committee has released the first in a series of short videos to simplify asset management concepts and encourage agencies to manage infrastructure in a manner that will increase the value your community desires from these assets.

What is Asset Management?
The APWA Asset Management Committee believes this video illustrates how managing public assets via public works can embody APWA's vision of "Advancing Quality of Life for All."