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Jennings Randolph International Fellows

The Jennings Randolph International Fellows (JR Fellows) are more than just a group of impressive public works professionals. APWA’s JR Fellows have worked to share public works expertise around the world.

Every year APWA selects the “best of the best” to further advance international public works.

Past Fellows include: 

John ButlerJohn Butler

Director of Public Works, Ashland, WI

2019 | Finland

John Butler focused on the use of asset management by Finnish water utilities.

 Learn more about John's study tour in the APWA Reporter: "Where's Ashland? APWA Sends Public Works Ideas from Small-Town Wisconsin to Finland"

Nora Daley-PengNora Daley-Peng

Senior Transportation Planner and Landscape Architect, City of Shoreline, WA

2019 | Finland

Nora Daley-Peng explored how Finland is shifting away from auto-dependency by offering a diverse menu of mobility options that are so economical, convenient and enjoyable that people will naturally choose them rather than driving their personal vehicles.

 Learn more about Nora's study tour in the APWA Reporter: "Helsinki's Smart Mobility Menu"

Douglas SarkkinenDouglas Sarkkinen

Senior Project Manager/Principal, Otak, Inc., Vancouver, WA

2019 | Sweden

Douglas Sarkkinen investigated a GIS based bridge inventory and interactive system.

 Learn more about Douglas' study tour in the APWA Reporter: "Bridge Asset Management in Sweden"

Helena SullivanHelena E. Sullivan

Construction Engineer, McHenry County Division of Transportation, Woodstock, IL

2018 | Sweden

Helena E. Sullivan met with the Swedish roadway agency Trafikverket to learn more about its bridge repair and inspection program. She would also like to visit several ongoing and recently completed bridge construction sites to learn about typical construction materials and methods.

Jason WaldronJason Waldron, PE

Kansas City Streetcar, Deputy Project Manager, City of Kansas City, MO

2018 | Australia and New Zealand

Jason Waldron conducted his public works study tour in Sydney, South Wales to research the approach to the implementation of modern streetcar systems within the public right-of-way and the development of a smart city policy.

Evan Pratt photoEvan Pratt, PE

Water Resources Commissioner, Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, MI

2017 | Australia and New Zealand

Evan Pratt, P.E. focused on linking funding with Asset Management in Australia and New Zealand, and his public works study tour resulted in a stronger story to share with APWA and legislators about legislative mechanisms, administrative structure, and government’s role in technical support to link funding with Asset Management.

Aaron Putnam photoAaron Putnam, PE

Public Works Operations Manager, City of Ankeny, IA

2017 | Sweden

Aaron Putnam, P.E. conducted a public works study tour to compare winter maintenance practices between Ankeny, IA and three cities in southern Sweden. The study looked at the entire winter maintenance realm from city planning to material and equipment usage, goals and priorities, staff scheduling, and public relations.

Joanne Zhang photoJoanne Zhang, PE, CCM

Civil Engineer, City of Los Angeles, CA

2017 | Australia

Joanne Zhang, P.E., CCM studied the ways that Australia fosters a culture of innovation in Public Works and its effect on attracting and retaining talent and on capital project delivery. Her goal was to provide insight on how Australia has implemented successful initiatives to foster a culture of innovation with limited resources and to inform an effective Innovation Strategy for American Public Works.

Bruce Kaplan photoBruce L. Kaplan, AIC, CTP

Manager, Transport, Systems Analysis, Central Planning Transport Staff, Boston, MA

2016 | New Zealand

Bruce L. Kaplan studied the waterfront redevelopment experience of Auckland, New Zealand, specifically concerning its central rail terminal, the Britomart Transport Centre, to compare and contrast the waterfront renaissances in Boston and Auckland.

Matt Rodrigues photoMatt Rodrigues, PE, ENV SP

Traffic Engineer, City of Eugene, OR

2016 | Sweden

Matt Rodrigues conducted a public works study tour in Malmö, Sweden relating to Sweden’s implementation of the Vision Zero Initiative to eliminate transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries. In addition, Matt extended his study tour to Copenhagen, Denmark to learn about Denmark’s Road Safety Action Plan, which is similar in goals and successes to Sweden’s Vision Zero Initiative.

Tom Jacobs photoTom Jacobs

Director, Environmental Programs, Mid-America Regional Council, Kansas City, MO

2015 | New Zealand
Tom Jacobs explored the differences between the United States and New Zealand in national legislation and regional governance structures related to water resource management. His study focused on how national policy and regional decision-making structures and dynamics shape the ways in which public works officials frame, engage in, and implement watershed management.

Frank Pandulo photoFrank Pandullo, PE, PWLF

Stormwater Utility Manager, Charleston County, Charleston, SC

| Czech and Slovak Republics
Frank Pandullo studied with public works agencies in the Czech and Slovak Republics to explore and learn what issues these countries faced in managing public works programs involving waste collection and disposal, handling of recycled materials, funding of their operations, and the sociological impacts on their citizens in dealing with the spectrum of waste collection and disposal.

Travis Greiman photoTravis Greiman

Director of Public Works, City of Centennial, CO

2014 | Mexico

Travis Greiman conducted a study tour to provide insight on how Mexican project managers interact with citizens, other agencies, and politicians to offer a contrast with how project managers operate with similar groups in the United States. Specifically, he studied four techniques: right-of-way acquisition, public outreach, interagency coordination, and winning political favor to examine how they are employed in Mexico.

Amanda Millirons photoAmanda Millirons Wheeler, MPA

Indiatlantic, FL

2014 | New Zealand
Amanda Millirons Wheeler visited New Zealand to compare the roles of United States public works professionals as first responders with those of New Zealand. In addition, she studied firsthand the response efforts and public outreach programs regarding emergency management best practices—more specifically, the emergency response and recovery after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes.

Sujit Ekka photoSujit Ekka

Senior Environmental Engineer, AECOM, Morrisville, NC

2013 | Australia

Sujit Ekka concentrated his public works study tour on advanced stormwater treatment techniques and watershed management plans between Melbourne and Durham, Australia, and to evaluate the functionality of existing regulations in implementing positive changes to protect water resources.

Ray Funnye photoRay Funnye, PE

Public Service Director, Georgetown County, Georgetown, SC

2013 | Czech and Slovak Republics

Ray Funnye visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia to study the best practices for the management of electronic waste collection and disposal in European countries.

Elia Twigg photoElia Twigg, Sr PE

Local Agency Manager, Target Engineering Group, Indialantic, FL

2013 | Australia

Elia Twigg focused her study tour in Australia on collaboration of public works professionals. Her intent was to learn how other professionals around the world reach out to their communities and advocate public works.

Kevin ChangKevin Chang, PhD, PE

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

2012 | New Zealand

Kevin Chang visited New Zealand to study school zone safety and to make a comparative review of New Zealand and US signage, markings, walkways and other safety improvements.

Carla Dillon photoCarla Dillon

Public Works Director, City of Lomita, CA

2012 | New Zealand

Carla Dillon visited New Zealand to study how New Zealand implements its national odor policies and regulations. She studied the design and operation of odor treatment facilities and techniques for monitoring and assessing odors.

no photo availableGreg Chartier, PE

Infrastructure Asset Management Consultant, Greg Chartier Consulting, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

2011 | Australia

Greg Chartier studied in Australia to evaluate the state of practice in developing sustainable infrastructure plans based on the triple bottom line and assess the suitability of the Australian National Asset Management (NAMS.PLUS) training and certification programs for building asset management capacity in North America.

Dan Hartman photoDan Hartman

Director of Public Works, Golden, CO

2011 | Australia

Dan Hartman studied in Australia gathering and sharing information how new applications, social media and smartphone technology can improve communication and notification to make cities more responsive and more efficient.

Tyler Palmer

Deputy Director of Operations, City of Moscow, ID

2011 | Mexico

Tyler Palmer visited Mexico to study methods and materials used to design, build and, most importantly, maintain streets with limited resources in an effort to see how U.S. public works professionals can enhance our ability to see alternatives to established norms.

Ram Tawari, PhD

Retired, Pembroke Pines, FL

2011 | Czech and Slovak Republics

Ram Tewari visited the Czech Republic to study waste management and to evaluate transferability of successful waste management programs in the Czech and Slovak Republics, European Union, and the US.

John Daly

Retired, Flint, MI

2010 | Mexico

John Daly synthesized a strategy based upon usRAP and asset management information that would, through the development and execution of a local public information plan, get the public, particularly in rural areas in Mexico, “more engaged” in roadway safety.

David Zelenok, PE

Manager, Local Government Services, HR Green, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

2010 | New Zealand

David Zelenok promoted the sharing of ideas, planning practices, and how state-of-the art traffic engineering techniques and new urban planning concepts could improve a sense of community, enhance neighborhood and pedestrian safety and reduce traffic volumes and speeds.

Catherine Chertudi

Environmental Programs Manager, City of Boise, ID

2009 | Australia

Catherine Chertudi studied water conservation and management practices in Australia to learn how the country has addressed limited supplies and impacts of drought, growth, or overuse and contamination in providing safe and adequate water for needed municipal, industrial, and agricultural uses in Australia.

Mark Whitfield

Director of Public Works, City of Milford, DE

2009 | Czech Republic

Mark Whitfield studied the removal and composting of organic waste from the municipal solid waste stream in the Czech Republic.

Tricia Aragon, PE

City Engineer, City of Aspen, CO

2008 | New Zealand

Tricia Aragon studied the public works role in mitigating construction impacts of private development in New Zealand.

Willard A. Bruce

Retired, Loudenville, NY

2007 | Czech and Slovak Republics

Willard Bruce studied waste management and waste disposal legislation, regulation, and practices in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and identified management practices that would be transferable from U.S. systems to theirs.

mo photo availableJim Close

Retired, Harrisburg, PA

2007 | Australia

Jim Close studied organic recycling in Australia.

Paul Hindmann, PE

Retired, Beulah, CO

2007 | Czech and Slovak Republics

Paul Hindman studied how the Slovak and Czech public works professionals have managed floods and how they have protected their citizens and property.

Keith Reester, MPA, PWLF

Public Works Director, City of Littleton, CO

2007 | Australia

Keith Reester studied how Australia is building the future workforce by replacing Baby Boomers in the public works arena.

Julio Fuentes

Senior Traffic Engineer, City of San Diego, CA

2006 | Mexico

Julio Fuentes compared traffic engineering techniques in the United States and Mexico, specifically focusing on Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI).

no photo availableJohn Lisenko

Retired, Richmond, CA

2006 | Czech and Slovak Republics

John Lisenko studied the provision of public works infrastructure for suburban development in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Tammy Qualls

Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer, RMC Water & Environment, San Jose, CA

2006 | Mexico

Tammy Qualls studied the design and use of recycled water systems and the potential for development of these systems in Mexico.

Patricia Bugas SchrammPatricia Bugas Schramm

President, PBS Consulting, Portland, OR

2006 | New Zealand

Patricia Bugas Schramm documented New Zealand’s method for assessing risk in funding public infrastructure needs and developed specific understanding of how this world leader in community engagement succeeded in using risk to improve public works funding decisions.

Larry Lux

Retired, President, Lux Advisors, Ltd., Plainfield, IL

2005 | Australia

Larry Lux studied the disaster preparedness, response, and recovery methods currently used in Australia for natural and man-made disasters, with a focus on the public works role in terrorism.

Brian Pettet

Director of Public Works, Pitkin County Colorado, Aspen, CO

2005 | Australia

Brian Pettet studied involvement practices of public works in the land development application and approval process, and methods and tools that are used by public works agencies to mitigate the cost of development on public infrastructure in Australia.

George Crombie photoGeorge Crombie

Senior Faculty, Norwich University, Plymouth, MA

2004 | Czech and Slovak Republics

George Crombie studied techniques and policies being used to manage solid waste in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Jose GamboaJose Gamboa

Assistant General Manager, Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority, Salinas, CA

2004 | Mexico

Jose Gamboa studied ISO certifications in public works in Mexico.

no photo availableBrad Kutzner, PE

Senior Project Manager, GHD, Poway, CA

2004 | Czech and Slovak Republics

Brad Kutzner studied techniques and policies of public works efforts in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Dwayne KalynchukDwayne Kalynchuk, PWLF, CSM

Executive Director, Recreation Facilities of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, Canada

1995 | Vietnam

Dwayne Kalynchuk authored “Urban Infrastructure Review: Vietnam Mission.”

Dr. Hilary I. InyangDr. Hilary I. Inyang

President/CEO, Global Institute of Sustainable Development, Advanced Analysis and Design, Concord, NC

1992-1993 | Nigeria

Dr. Hilary I. Inyang authored “Waste Management Practices at the State Level in a Developing Country: A Case Study of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria."

Richard A. PersonRichard A. Person

Retired, St. Louis Park, MN

1990-1991 | West Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Richard A. Person studied the implementation of computerized infrastructure management systems, and investigated recycling and compost systems in major cities in West Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

no photo availableNalliah T. Rajah

Administration Program Manager, Clark County, Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

1989-1990 | Singapore

Nalliah T. Rajah authored “Integrated Public Works Management in an Urbanized Society – The Singapore Model.”

Jerry L. HaynesJerry L. Haynes

1988-1989 | Japan

Jerry L. Haynes authored “Recycling in Japan: A Way of Life.”