Center for Sustainability (C4S)

The APWA Center for Sustainability (C4S) delivers resources, education, advocacy, and member engagement for public works professionals to implement environmentally, economically and socially responsible projects and services.

C4S works with local chapter sustainability liaisons and other subject matter experts as part of a knowledge team to deliver sustainability resources – including the C4S Sustainability Toolkit, course materials for Public Works Institutes, presentations on sustainability in public works, and monthly 'In the Know' features on the APWA home page – which can be accessed at Sustainability Resources.

You can also connect with C4S through APWA Connect. Join the Center for Sustainability Community, found under ‘infoNOW’ on the APWA Connect home page or under ‘Communities’ from the top green menu bar, in order to post questions to other community members, post news, share calendar items, upload resources to the community library, and blog.

C4S is also proud of APWA’s role as a founding partner of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) which has developed a tool, Envision, for rating the sustainability of infrastructure projects. Envision provides a holistic framework for the planning of infrastructure projects, helping to evaluate the community, environmental, and economic benefits of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects. C4S is looking forward to collaborating further with ISI as the Envision program grows.

Please feel free to contact me or APWA Director of Sustainability Anne Jackson ( or 800-848-2792, ext. 6750) with ideas or requests for assistance in supporting APWA members embrace their role as "Stewards of Sustainability"!

James W. Patteson, PE, ENV-SP
Chair, APWA Center for Sustainability (C4S)
Principal, Blue Heron Leadership Group
Fairfax, VA