Past Issues: 2017

December 18, 2017 

  • Final Tax Reform Bill Language Released
  • House Releases CR Text 
  • APWA Invited by EPA to Comment on Lead and Copper Rule Revision 
  • FHWA Nominee Withdraws 
  • EPA Nominees Update 
  • Road to Zero Safety Grants Available 
  • Congress Considering Action on a Third Disaster Relief Package this Week
  • DC Wipes Law Has Day in Court 
  • APWA Advocates for the Protection of Infrastructure from Bigger Trucks 
  • House Approves DHS Cybersecurity Division Title Change 
December 11, 2017
  • FEMA to Conduct National Incident Management Systems Webinar This Week
  • APWA Issues Letter Urging Pro-Infrastructure Changes to Tax Bill
  • Congress Passes CR Extension
  • EPA Administrator Testifies Before House Panel
  • Kirstjen Nielsen Sworn in as DHS Secretary
  • EPA Nominee Cleared by Senate
  • APWA Government Affairs Attends Infrastructure Brief
  • NIST Releases Updated Cybersecurity Framework Guidelines

December 4, 2017

  • Senate Joins House in Passing $1.4 Trillion Tax Code Adjustment Legislation 
  • Congress Exploring a CR Through December 22
  • APWA Issues Letter Urging Congress to Fund Infrastructure 
  • House Republicans Issues Letter on Protecting Municipal Bonds 
  • House Moves to Renew Brownfields Program 
  • Senate Scheduled to Vote to Confirm DHS Secretary This Week 
  • Senate Panel Approves Nominees for CEQ & EPA 
  • FEMA's NAC Completes Their Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. 
  • NFIP Authorizes Set to Expire This Week 
  • APWA Government Affairs to Attend Infrastructure Brief December 6

November 27, 2017 

  • State and Local Finance Options Threatened in Tax Reform Proposals 
  • Congress Receives Latest Disaster Relief Request from the White House 
  • Senate Appropriators Scheduled to Take up FY 2018 DHS Funding Bill 
  • APWA Advocates for the Protection of Infrastructure from Bigger Trucks 
  • Senate Appropriations Releases Text for EPA Bill 
  • President Trump Promises Infrastructure Bill Soon
  • President Trump Nominates Thomas Homan for DHS Assistant Secretary 
  • Wildfire Suppression Funding in FY 2018 Department of Interior Senate Bill 
  • EPA Floats Proposal to Push Back Water Rule to 2020 
  • FEMA Conducting Annual NAC Meeting in D.C. This Week 
  • Emergency Management Targeted Webinars Scheduled This Week 

November 13, 2017

  • APWA Weighs in Supporting Preservation of Municipal Bonds 
  • November 13-19 is National Traffic Incident Response Week 
  • House May Consider Flood Insurance Reauthorization This Week 
  • Senate Committee Plans Vote on DHS Secretary Nominee 
  • California Senators Introduce Earthquake Mitigation Incentive Relief Bill
  • EPA & USACE Propose Delay in WOTUS Effective Date

November 6, 2017

  • APWA Hosting Congressional Brief 
  • House Passes Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Legislation 
  • House Releases Tax Reform Legislation 
  • Congress Eying Another Continuing Resolution 
  • APWA Participates in Congressional Water Briefing 
  • U.S. DOT Seeks Public Input on Strategic Plan 
  • DOT Announces Pilot Grant Program for UAS 
  • House Plans Vote on Flood Insurance Bill 
  • FEMA Administrator Brock Long Testifies on Capitol Hill 
  • Head of EPA Office of Water to Retire 
  • EPA announces 2017 PISCES Projects

October 30, 2017

  • Senate EPW Approves FHWA Nominee 
  • Senate EPW Held Hearing on Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Legislation 
  • House Plans Vote to Ease Forest Thinning Regulations This Week 
  • President Trump Signs $36.5 Billion Disaster Relief Package into Law 
  • House T&I Committee Holds First Roundtable on Water Resources Bill 
  • APWA Submits Comments on FEMA Risk MAP Guildlines
  • APWA Submits Comments on EPA Strategic Plan 
  • Infrastructure Plan Update 
  • APWA Members 'Tell Your Story' 

October 23, 2017 

  • Senate Adopts FY18 Budget Resolution 
  • President Trump Signs FEMA Relief Improvement Act into Law
  • Senate Scheduled to Vote on $36.5 Billion Disaster Measure 
  • FEMA Releases its 2017 National Preparedness Report 

October 16, 2017 

  • APWA Attends White House Meeting on Water Infrastructure 
  • Senate Scheduled to Take Up Latest Disaster Relief Package This Week 
  • Road to Zero Coalition Marks One Year Anniversary 
  • House Committee Holds Hearing on Highway and Transit Infrastructure 
  • Transportation Stakeholders Panel Held on Autonomous Vehicles 
  • FEMA Extends Comment Period on Flood Risk Map Program 
  • President to Nominate Former State Official to Head CEQ

October 9, 2017

  • APWA BOD Member Chuck Williams Advocates for Public Works on Capitol Hill 
  • Senate Commerce Moves Autonomous Vehicle Bill
  • FHWA Nominee Vetted by Senate EPW Committee 
  • Trump Administration May Soon Release Infrastructure Proposal 
  • President Trump Nominates Former Senate Staffer to EPA Leadership 
  • Senate Passes Integrated Planning Legislation 
  • EPA Requests Comments on Five-Year Strategic Plan
  • Trump Administration Recommends Major Changes to the NFIP 
  • House Reviewing $29 Billion Disaster Relief Legislation This Week 

October 2, 2017

  • President Trump Signs Disaster Relief and FAA Bill 
  • Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Introduced in the Senate 
  • APWA Submits Comments on "Waters of the United States" Rule 
  • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Water Infrastructure 
  • EPA Released a New Document on Water Infrastructure Financial Leadership 
  • EPA to Host WIFIA Learning Sessions 
  • FEMA Holding Webinar on Hazard Mitigation Planning 
  • DHS to Host Events to Highlight National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

September 25, 2017 

  • Congress Likely to Consider Additional Hurricane Relief Funding 
  • House to Act on Disaster Tax Relief 
  • EPA Calls for Environmental Assessment for Water Financing Program
  • House to Consider FAA Extension Legislation 
  • FirstNet Targets Early 2018 for Full Implementation 
  • Mandatory Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System 
  • EPA in the Spotlight 

September 18, 2017 

  • Senate Commerce Holds Hearing to Examine Autonomous Vehicles 
  • U.S. DOT Announces Grants for Airport Improvements Program Funding 
  • NHTSA Calls for Input on New Voluntary Guidance for Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Federal Transit Administration Announces $55 million in Grants 
  • Feds Looking to Streamline NEPA for Infrastructure Week 

September 11, 2017 

  • President Trump Signs Hurricane Relief Funding 
  • FY 2018 Appropriations Update 
  • House to Vote on Legislation to Provide Counterterrorism Assistance at the Local Level 
  • House Passes Legislation on Autonomous Vehicles 
  • EPA and Army Corps Accepting Comments on WOTUS Repeal 
  • OMB Calls on Agencies to Submit Regulatory Plans 
  • APWA Executive Director on the Hill

August 7, 2017

  • Senate Takes Action Before Departing D.C. 
  • EPA Seeking Comments on Repeal of WOTUS Rule 
  • APWA Participates in the National Homeland Security Consortium Meeting
  • FCC Addresses Rural Broadband

July 31, 2017

  • House Passes 'Minibus' Appropriations Legislation 
  • Elaine Duke Named Acting Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security 
  • EPA Seeking Comments on Repeal of WOTUS Rule 
  • Energy and Commerce Committee Approves Drinking Water Legislation 
  • Senate Committee Moves Transportation Appropriations Bill 
  • Brownfields Reauthorization Bill Approved Through Committee 
  • EPA Announces Launch of Water Infrastructure Financing Tool 
  • House Homeland Security Committee Seeks to Streamline Cybersecurity 
  • House Committee Moves Municipal Bonds Bill 

July 24, 2017

  • Fiscal Year 2018 Appropriations Update 
  • House Appropriations Tracking 
  • Senate Appropriations Tracking 
  • House Passes DHS Reauthorization 
  • White House Establishes Advisory Council on Infrastructure 
  • Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Marked Up
  • EPA Announces First Round of WIFIA Projects 
  • APWA Calls for Local Decisions in Project Material Selection 

July 17, 2017

  • Fiscal Year 2018 Appropriations and August Plans on Capitol Hill 
  • Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Approves Drinking Water Legislation 
  • Senate Committee Approves EPA Nominee 
  • House Approves California Water Use Bill 
  • House Scheduled to Vote to Protect Energy Infrastructure from Threats 
  • FEMA Announces Grant Award Winners 
  • DHS First Responder Electronic Jamming Exercise 
  • Upcoming FEMA Webinars on Notice of Funding Opportunity Announcements 

July 10, 2017

  • Congress Returns to a Packed Agenda 
  • Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing on EPA Budget
  • House Appropriations Committee to Markup FY 2018 Energy and Water Spending Bill 
  • Energy and Commerce Committee Approves Brownfields Reauthorization 
  • Funding for Rural Infrastructure Included in House Spending Bill 
  • Emergency Management Webinar 
  • APWA Partners with the Department of Homeland Security on Cybersecurity Awareness 
  • House to Consider California Water Use Bill

June 26, 2017

  • New FEMA Administrator Confirmed 
  • House Passes Legislative to Streamline Water Storage Projects 
  • Interior Department Seeks Input on Regulatory Reform 
  • Committee Advances Multiple National Flood Insurance Program Bills 
  • House Plans Vote on Disaster Assistance Legislation 
  • Update on FirstNet 'Opt Out' 

June 19, 2017

  • DOT Secretary Testifies Before House Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee 
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Appears Before House Appropriations Subcommittee 
  • House to Consider 'One Stop Shop' Permitting Process Legislation 

June 12, 2017

  • APWA Government Affairs Participates in U.S. Chamber of Commerce Task Force Event
  • U.S. DOT Event Highlights President Trump's Plans for Regulatory Reform 
  • U.S. DOT Seeking Comments to Identify Obstacles to Transportation Infrastructure 
  • Road to Zero Coalition Meeting 
  • Joint Webinar on Emergency Preparedness 
  • New Team Member Joins APWA Government Affairs

June 5, 2017 

  • Senate Passes Resolution Recognizing National Public Works Week
  • President Trump Releases Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Proposal 
  • Bi-partisan Legislation for Infrastructure Funding 
  • DHS FY2017 Preparedness Grants Available

May 22, 2017

  • APWA Washington Office to Host Hill Event for National Public Works Week 
  • APWA Board Member Bill Spearman on the Hill 
  • Senate Committees Focus on Infrastructure 
  • President Trump Expected to Propose Outlines of an Infrastructure Package 
  • House Scheduled to Vote on a Bill to Amend the Clean Water Act 
  • Government Affairs at the 2017 Great Lakes Chapter Expo 

May 15, 2017

  • APWA Board Director Bill Spearman Scheduled to Testify on the Hill
  • National Infrastructure Week & National Public Works Week 
  • Draft Bill to Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program 
  • Trump Administration Updates 
  • President Trump Signs Cybersecurity Order 
  • House Votes Scheduled for Homeland Security Measures 

May 8, 2017 

  • APWA Board Member Bill Spearman Scheduled to Testify on the Hill 
  • Highlights of Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriations 
  • APWA and Infrastructure Week Jointly Promoting Two Weeks in May 
  • Trump Administration Updates 
  • EPA seeks Comments on Reducing Regulations

May 1, 2017

  • Agreement Reached on Funding the Remainder of Fiscal Year 2017
  • EPA Seeks Comments on Reducing Regulations 
  • Update on Trump Administration Nominations 
  • Multiple Emergency Management Bills Up in the House 

April 24, 2017

  • Congress Returns to DC
  • APWA Government Affairs Committee & Three Technical Committees Meet in DC
  • Office of Management and Budget Director Comments on Timing of an Infrastructure Package
  • APWA Opposes Proposed Cuts to FEMA 
  • Environmental Protection Agency Launches New Water Finance Website 
  • President Trump Expected to Sign Executive Order on Cybersecurity 
  • House Votes this Week 

April 3, 2017

  • APWA President Calkins Testifies Before House Committee
  • APWA Hosts Public Works & Infrastructure Brief on the Hill
  • Weather Bill Almost to President's Desk

March 27, 2017

  • APWA President Calkins Testifying Before House Committee
  • APWA Hosting Public Works & Infrastructure Brief on the Hill 
  • Infrastructure Forum Calls Partners Together 
  • Multiple Emergency Management Bills on House Schedule 

March 20, 2017

  • APWA President to Testify Before Congress 
  • Budget & Appropriations Update 
  • House Committee Examines Drinking Water Systems 
  • National Flood Insurance Program Hearings Update 
  • Update on Trump Administration Confirmations

March 13, 2017

  • APWA Board Member on the Hill 
  • Budget & Appropriations Update 
  • Update on Trump Administration Confirmations 
  • Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Focuses on Transportation Funding Needs 
  • House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee Examines Water Infrastructure Needs 
  • Municipal Bond Letter Garners 156 Co-signers 
  • ASCE Infrastructure Report Card Released 
  • Blumenauer Introduces Legislation to Raise the Gas Tax

March 6, 2017

  • Update on Trump Administration Confirmations
  • APWA Briefs House Natural Resources Committee
  • Senate Commerce Committee Focuses on Improving Infrastructure 
  • Administrator Pruitt Supports Investment in Water and Superfund
  • Senate Hearing Focuses on Flood Control Infrastructure 
  • Votes on Emergency Preparedness Bills

February 27, 2017

  • Update on Trump Administration Confirmations
  • Secretary Chao Speaks to Governors about Infrastructure 
  • EPA Agenda Release Soon 

February 13, 2017

  • Update on Administration Confirmations 
  • Infrastructure Hearing
  • Fiscal Year 2018 Appropriations
  • Evacuations in California as Dam Threatens Flooding

February 6, 2017

  • Update on Administration Confirmations 
  • APWA Sends Letter to President Trump on Highway Trust Fund Solvency
  • Governors Highway Safety Association Submits Report on Self-Driving Cars 
  • House T&I Holds Infrastructure Hearing 
  • House Passes Legislation to Stop Flaring Regulation 
  • House Passes Legislation Scrapping Mining Regulation 
  • House Passes DHS Legislation Extending Grant Time 

January 30, 2017

  • APWA Executive Director on the Hill
  • Road to Zero Coalition
  • Update on Administration Confirmations
  • White House Announces Regulatory Freeze
  • Administration Revives Oil Pipelines Across American-Canadian Border
  • EO to Expedite Environmental Review for 'High Priority" Infrastructure Projects
  • Border Adjustment Tax Being Considered

January 23, 2017

  • APWA President Ron Calkins' Opinion Editorial on Infrastructure
  • Update on Administration Confirmations
  • Interior Secretary Nominee Promises Infrastructure Investment
  • EPA Nominee Prioritizes Rebuilding Federal-State Partnership
  • Legislation on Network Resiliency to be Voted on in the House
  • Regulations Update

January 17, 2017

  • National Homeland Security Consortium Meets
  • House Advances Budget Resolution for 2017
  • Confirmation Hearings Held for the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Transportation
  • Interior Secretary Confirmation Hearing
  • SCOTUS Agrees to Hear WOTUS Case
  • President-Elect Trump Picks Former NY Governor Giuliani as Cybersecurity Advisor
  • FEMA Seeks Comments on an Updated Disaster Deductible Concept
  • Legislation Introduced to Address First Responder Needs

January 9, 2017

  • Senate Advances Budget Resolution for 2017
  • Infrastructure Bill Likely This Spring
  • APWA Sends Letter To Protect Municipal Bonds
  • APWA Government Affairs Team Visits The Hill
  • APWA Government Affairs Announces New Resource
  • Congressional Committee Leadership Changes
  • DHS Classifies Election Systems as Critical Infrastructure
  • FEMA National Flood Insurance Program Update
  • Senate Holds Hearing on Cyber-Threats

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