Ottawa Report

This newsletter is sent out bi-weekly when Parliament is in session to inform our Canadian members about the latest federal legislative and regulatory news which affects public works and public works professionals in Canada. Contact CPWA staff for more information.

September 27

  • 44th Federal General Election Results
  • The Liberal Government Mandate
  • Managing the Legislative Agenda
  • Cabinet Appointments Anticipated in October
  • First Session of 44th Parliament Expected to Open in November
  • Reconstitution of House and Senate Committees
  • Fall Economic Statement Anticipated

September 8

  • 44th Federal General Election Key Dates
  • Seats in the House of Commons at Dissolution
  • The Caretaker Convention
  • Candidates
  • Major Party Platforms
  • Forming Government
  • Elections Canada Voter Information Service
  • Voting by Mail
  • Conservative Party of Canada 2021 Election Platform Highlights
  • Liberal Party of Canada 2021 Election Platform Highlights

June 28

  • Closure of Canada-U.S. Border Extended and First Phase of Border Measures Easing Announced
  • Bill C-30 Passed by House of Commons
  • Bill C-12 Passed by House of Commons
  • Bill C-204 Referred to Senate Environment Committee
  • Senate Environment Committee Tables Report on Bill C-12
  • Senate Finance Committee Continues Study of Bill C-30
  • Infrastructure Minister Announces Project Funding Application Status Transparency
  • Infrastructure Minister Announces New Natural Infrastructure Fund
  • Economic Development Minister Launches Canada Community Revitalization Fund
  • Natural Resources Minister Launches Call for Proposals Under Clean Fuels Fund
  • Accessibility Standards Canada Releases Second Annual Report
  • Transport Minister Announces Proposed Amendments to Grade Crossings Regulations
  • Fall Election Anticipated

June 14

  • CPWA to Participate in National Infrastructure Assessment Consultations
  • Some Border Restrictions to Ease in July
  • Bill C-12 Awaiting Third Reading Debate
  • Third Reading Debate of Bill C-30 Continues in House
  • Bill C-204 Passed by House of Commons
  • House Environment Committee Reports Bill C-12 with Amendments
  • House Finance Committee Reports Bill C-30 with Amendments
  • Natural Resources and Environment Ministers Provide Update on Planting Two Billion Trees
  • Employment Minister Launches Public Engagement on Disability Inclusion Action Plan
  • Summer Recess and Fall Election Speculation

May 31

  • Closure of Canada-U.S. Border Extended
  • Bill C-30 Referred to House Finance Committee
  • Bill C-204 Advances to Third Reading
  • House Finance Committee Studying Bill C-30
  • House Environment Committee Accepting Briefs on Freshwater Study
  • Agriculture Minister Launches Second Half of $20-million Food Waste Reduction Challenge
  • Transport Minister Announces Funding Under Rail Safety Improvement Program
  • Infrastructure Minister Launches Second Round of Canada Healthy Communities Initiative Funding

May 10

  • CPWA Webinar May 20 - NPWW: Advocating for Public Works
  • Budget Motion Passes House of Commons
  • Bill C-14 Receives Royal Assent
  • Bill C-12 Referred to House Environment Committee
  • Finance Minister Introduces Budget Implementation Act, 2021, No. 1
  • House Environment Committee Launches Study on Bill C-12
  • House Environment Committee Extends Deadline for Briefs on Freshwater Study
  • Natural Resources Minister Announces Planned National Adaptation Strategy

April 26

  • Deputy Prime Minister Releases Budget 2021
  • Canada-U.S. Border Remains Closed
  • Bill C-14 Referred to Senate Finance Committee
  • House Transport Committee Launches Study on Targeted Infrastructure Investment
  • House Environment Committee Presents Study on Zero Emission Vehicles
  • House Environment Committee Reports Bill C-204 With Amendments
  • Infrastructure Minister Launches Green and Inclusive Community Buildings Program
  • Infrastructure Minister Launches Community Buildings Retrofit Initiative
  • Spring Federal Election Unlikely

April 12

  • Transportation Association of Canada Seeks Input on Transportation Workforce Development Needs
  • House Environment Committee Launches Study on Freshwater in Canada
  • Infrastructure and Rural Economic Development Ministers Announce Rural Transit Solutions Fund

March 29

  • Auditor General Tables Report on Investing in Canada Plan
  • Government Announces Date of Budget 2021
  • Prime Minister Announces Changes to Parliamentary Secretaries
  • Closure of Canada-U.S. Border Extended
  • Deputy Prime Minister Introduces Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act
  • House Finance Committee Reports Bill C-14 Without Amendment
  • House Environment Committee Undertakes Study on Bill C-204
  • Canada Infrastructure Bank Launches Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative
  • Infrastructure Minister Launches Public Engagement on National Infrastructure Assessment

March 15

  • Health Canada Approves Additional Vaccine
  • CPWA Provides Input on Canada Water Agency Discussion Paper
  • Canada-U.S. Border Remains Closed
  • Bill C-14 Referred to House Finance Committee
  • House Transport Committee Continues Study on Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Infrastructure Minister Announces Federal Fund for Cycling Paths and Trails
  • Indigenous Services Launches Website to Report Progress on Drinking Water Advisories
  • Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence Launches Open Dialogue on AI
  • Public Safety Minister Launches Emergency Preparedness Public Awareness Campaign
  • Environment Minister Announces Draft Regulations for Federal Greenhouse Gas Offset System
  • Infrastructure and Innovation Ministers Announce Investment to Electrify Transit Systems
  • Natural Resources Minister Announces Initiative to Promote Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
  • 2021 Party Conventions to Be Held Virtually
  • Mid-April the Earliest Budget 2021 to Be Tabled
  • Election Speculation Continues

March 1

  • CPWA Discusses Public Policy Priorities with Chair of House Public Safety Committee
  • Guidance on Vaccine Prioritization Updated and Health Canada Approves Additional Vaccines
  • Conservative Party Leader Announces Updates to the Conservative Shadow Cabinet
  • Prime Minister Announces New Public Transit Investments
  • House Transport Committee Launches Canada Infrastructure Bank Study
  • House Finance Committee Releases Pre-Budget Report
  • Special House Canada-U.S. Relations Committee Established
  • Natural Resources Minister Announces Growing Canada’s Forests Program
  • Infrastructure Minister Announces Canada Healthy Communities Initiative Application Intake

February 8

  • Infrastructure Minister Announces New Chairperson of Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Government Launches Budget Consultations
  • Bill C-14 Advances to Second Reading in House of Commons
  • Infrastructure Minister Sets New Priorities for Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Budget 2021 to Follow Budget Consultations
  • Vaccine Rollout May Impact Decision Making on Election

January 25

  • Governor General Resigns
  • Prime Minister Releases Supplementary Mandate Letters
  • Prime Minister Announces Changes to Ministry
  • Closure of Canada-U.S. Border Extended
  • CPWA Releases 2021 Public Policy Priorities
  • CPWA Advocates for Public Works in Vaccine Prioritization
  • House to Vote on New Voting App
  • CPWA Monitoring Bill C-12 and C-14
  • Statistics Canada Releases Additional Core Public Infrastructure Survey Data
  • Environment and Agriculture Ministers Announce Canada Water Agency Consultations
  • Prime Minister and Environment Minister Announce Strengthened Climate Plan
  • Prime Minister Appoints Deputy Finance Minister
  • Budget 2021 and Election Speculation

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