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February 24, 2022
10:00-11:00 a.m. CT

Stormwater management has become more challenging, as we face higher intensity, longer duration rain events at greater frequency. We need to bring different thinking and solutions to the challenges that climate change presents. This program will present two different public agencies' case studies, including a centralized and a decentralized solution to stormwater management, both of which are using technology and data to solve their challenges.

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Take the Principles of Public Works Operations Water eCourse Series

These sessions are designed for individuals that are interested in exploring the principles of water resources, as it applies for those entering the public works industry and those who want to further their professional development. It provides real-world examples, as well as a discussion guide to keep the conversation going with your peers after the conclusion of the session.

Principles of Drinking Water Management
This session provides practical advice on how to operate and maintain a water treatment and distribution system and dives into best practices and emerging trends relating to right-of-way management.

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Principles of Stormwater/Flood Management
This session will teach you ways to operate and maintain a stormwater collection system and dives into best practices and emerging trends relating to stormwater/flood management.

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Principles of Wastewater Management
This session provides practical advice on how to operate and maintain a wastewater collection and treatment system and dives into best practices and emerging trends relating to wastewater management. 

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Check Out the Water Resources Toolboxes

The Water Resources Management Committee has developed these toolboxes available in APWA’s NEW Resource Center. The toolboxes are intended for individuals new to this area of public works. They can also be used as education for residents and the governing body of your agency.

Advance Your Career in Water Resources

Advance your career in water resources through publications, training, certificates and certification programs.

Stormwater Management Manual
The Stormwater Management Manual is designed for stormwater managers and those seeking certification as an APWA Certified Stormwater Manager, as well as those wishing to gain an overview of programs and practices.

This manual addresses the technical knowledge stormwater managers need to make meaningful water quality improvement. It covers old and new stormwater management techniques, management of new development and redevelopment, funding and financing, and political and social factors of stormwater management programs.

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Certified Stormwater Manager
The Stormwater Manager Certification is intended for experts in the public and private sectors who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for city, county, state, provincial, and federal agencies. These individuals assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs.
Water quality programs include state and federal permit requirements related to stormwater runoff, including management of public education, illicit discharges, erosion control, post-development runoff BMPs, system maintenance, water quality monitoring, data analysis, and reporting. Drainage and flood control programs include operational maintenance of drainage systems, planning and construction of capital improvements, and basic knowledge of floodplain management.
These individuals may also be involved in budgetary oversight, long-term planning, policy development, and other administrative activities.

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Certified Stormwater Manager: A firsthand account of career enhancement
John Schexnayder, P.E., CFM, CSM, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Baton Rouge, LA

Water Resources Management Committee
The mission of the Water Resources Management Committee is to promote and provide education on best management practices for water resources to achieve resilient and sustainable systems.