Focus on Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way (UPROW)

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Take the Principles of Right-of-Way Management eCourse

This program is designed for individuals who are interested in exploring right-of-way management, as it applies for those entering the public works industry and those who want to further their professional development. This program is worth .1 CEUs (1PDH).

This course provides practical advice on how to best maintain municipal streets, and dives into best practices and emerging trends relating to right-of-way management. It provides real-world examples as well as a discussion guide to keep the conversation going with your peers after the conclusion of the program.


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Access UPROW Resources

APWA’s NEW Resource Center will highlight the following resources August 1-31, 2021, FREE to members and non-members:

  1. PWX@Home Spotlight on UPROW: Preventing Damage to Utilities
  2. PWX@Home Spotlight on UPROW: Surfing the 5G/Small Cell Tsunami
  3. Small Cell – A Municipal Perspective recorded webinar
  4. Subsurface Utility Engineering for Municipalities recorded webinar
  5. Managing Utility Cuts Toolbox
  6. When Fiber Comes to Town Toolbox

Engage with UPROW Experts

Join the Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way Knowledge Team to contribute to the development of education resources and network with your colleagues on a national level. Project opportunities this year include:

  • Publications – Conducting annual reviews of UPROW APWA publications and producing articles for the UPROW edition of the APWA Reporter.
    • Revise The How-to Book on Utilities Coordination Committees
    • Update publication on Why Manage the ROW?
  • Locating
    • Design Locates
    • Tolerance zone
    • Certifications
  • Small Cell/5G – Tracking latest developments, legislation, etc. and communicating them to members.

A Message from the UPROW Commitee Chair

Advance Your Career in Construction Inspection

Explore our construction inspection resources, from publications and training to certificates and certification programs.

Construction Inspection Manual
This manual is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels. The Construction Inspection Manual includes all facets of public infrastructure inspection, including the roles and responsibilities of an inspector, pre-construction planning, documentation, communication risk management and legal issues, scheduling, and project close-out.

Construction Inspection Live Online Workshop
This workshop is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels. This program will be worth 2.0 CEU credits or 20 hours of CPII recertification credit. To be notified when registration opens, email

This unique course combines the benefits of an in-person workshop with the convenience of online learning. This course will include instruction for two hours, two days a week for four weeks, allowing for instructor interactions, peer networking, and online discussions. Live instruction sessions will be recorded and can be watched by participants who have a conflict with the live class time or revisited by participants. The program is based on the newly revised APWA Construction Inspection Manual and is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels. All facets of public project inspection are covered, including the roles and responsibilities of an inspector, legal/ risk management and regulatory issues, documentation and communication, and project close-out.

Construction Inspection 201: Project Management eCourse
This eCourse is designed for individuals who are interested in building their skillset in project management — as it applies to work performed in the construction inspection profession. Earn .6 CEUs (6PDHs) or 6 hours of CPII recertification credit for completion of the program bundle.

This program provides general guidelines for the various areas needed to maintain professionalism and competence. The program includes an array of information for the student, including: communication; contractor relations; plans and specifications; construction meetings; progress meetings; scheduling; documentation; negotiations; and project close-out.

Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII)
This certification is for individuals who inspect the construction of public infrastructure and facilities and other types of construction work and materials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.

Why Pursue the CPII?

  • Portable and universal
    • Based on national public works standards
    • Recognizes broad-based career competency in:
      • Underground construction
      • At-grade or above-grade construction
      • Structural construction
      • General construction principles
      • Paving and streets 
      • Material inspection
      • Stormwater and water systems
      • Project compliance and documentation
      • Project planning and compliance
  • Rigorous – Full exam update: 2019–2021
    • 107 core knowledge, skills, and abilities identified
    • 2019 – New content outline developed
    • 2020 – 360 exam questions answered
    • 2021 – New peer-written exam launched
  • Computer-based testing
    • Flexibility in site location
    • More testing opportunities

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It’s Your Time – Get Certified!

Commit to Excellence with APWA Accreditation

Self-assessment is a valuable tool for determining how an agency's policies, procedures, and processes compare to recommended practices identified by nationally recognized experts in the field of public works. Accreditation through self-assessment provides opportunities for continuous improvement for your overall operations, ultimately leading to better quality of life for your community. Thirteen utility departments have achieved accreditation:

City of Arvada, CO
City of Chandler, AZ
Clark Regional Wastewater District, WA
City of College Station, TX
City of Columbia, MO
City of Fairfield, OH
City of Henderson, NV
City of Bellevue, WA
City of Lincoln, NE
City of Norman, OK
City of Peoria, AZ
Sarasota County, FL
City of Vallejo, CA

PW Self-Assessment Checklist: UPROW

Right-of-Way Management
16.1 Permit Issuance
16.2 Permitting Responsibility
16.3 Codes and Permits Information
16.4 Permit Process
16.5 Perrmit Inspection
16.6 One-Call Center Coordination
16.7 Utility Marking Guidelines and Color Code
16.8 Pavement Cut Restoration

Utility Coordination
17.1 Utility Coordination
17.2 Utility Location
17.3 Long-Range Utility Planning
17.4 Excavation Clearance Requirements
17.5 Excavation Safety Procedures
17.6 One-Call Centers

Practices are taken from APWA’s Public Works Management Practices Manual, 10th edition. For access to the full practice statements and descriptions, you may purchase the manual here.