Focus on Transportation

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Chair Introduction

Greg S. Parker, PE, Transportation Committee Chair

As volunteers and experts in the diverse transportation fields, the Transportation Committee provides APWA members with resources for developing and exchanging ideas, knowledge, and innovative technologies. The committee members develop and advocate environmentally sound, sustainable, cost-effective, and safe systems that enhance our communities’ livability and quality of life. Our committee members can be called on to work with local, state, and national political entities when needed.

The Transportation Committee has five subcommittees open for membership at any time. If you are interested in joining one of the following subcommittees, please contact Rita Cassida at

Trending Technologies

Keep up with the latest and greatest #trendingtech in public works with APWA’s NEW Tech Boxes:

Check out this popular Talking Top Tech, "Preparing for Implementation of Automated Connected Vehicles."

Resource Center

FREE Transportation Resources are available in APWA’s Resource Center from July 1-31, 2022.


Roadway Maintenance Guide
Learn about maintaining public roadways and examples of specific maintenance procedures with the Roadway Maintenance Guide.

Discount Code: Road20 for 20% off July 1–31.

Roadway Safety Review 101 Blog
Learn how your community can have zero serious injuries or fatalities from traffic crashes.

Career Resources

Shaping the World of Public Works
Learn about 20 popular transportation public works positions with Shaping the World of Public Works Career Chart. How could your agency use this tool to promote careers in transportation?

Principles of Transportation Management eCourse
Just entering the public works industry or wanting to further your professional development? The Principles of Transportation Management eCourse explains the roles and functions of traffic engineering and dives into the best practices and emerging trends relating to transportation management.

CPII logo

Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII)
The CPII program is for individuals who inspect the construction of public infrastructure and facilities and other types of construction work and materials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. If you have these broad-based public infrastructure career competencies, it might be your time to get certified.

  • Underground construction
  • At-grade or above-grade construction
  • Structural construction
  • General construction principles
  • Paving and streets
  • Material inspection
  • Stormwater and water systems
  • Project planning, compliance and documentation


Accreditation through self-assessment provides opportunities for continuous improvement for your overall operations, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for your community. Check out this Traffic Policy and Procedures Manual Model Practice from accredited agency Department of Public Works of Belton, Missouri.