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May 4, 2022
12:00-1:00 p.m. CT

While small cities and rural communities face the same challenges as larger and urban communities to address climate change, build resilience and social equity, and comply with environmental regulations, they often do not have the same resources – whether revenue, expertise or dedicated staff. Join this panel discussion to learn more about how sustainability is being advanced in small cities and rural communities.

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Register for CLL: Climate Change Considerations for Asset Management

May 19, 2022
10:00-11:30 a.m. CT

Communities are facing unprecedented impacts from climate change, which effects how municipalities deliver services and increases risk to municipal assets. Integrating climate change considerations into asset management (for natural and engineered assets) through risk assessment, levels of services, and other strategies can help communities become more resilient. This session will also cover the importance of incorporating natural assets into asset management and best practices in natural/green infrastructure asset management.

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Stay in the Know with Sustainability Trending Technologies

Keep up with the latest and greatest #trendingtech in public works with APWA’s Waste to Resource Technology Talking Top Tech.

Take the Principles of Creating and Growing Sustainable Communities eCourse

This session is designed for individuals that are interested in exploring how to create and grow sustainable communities, as it applies for those entering the public works industry and those who want to further their professional development. This session provides an understanding of the overall concept of sustainability and public works’ role in creating sustainable communities. It provides real-world examples, as well as a discussion guide to keep the conversation going with your peers after the conclusion of the session.

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Read the "Sustainable Solid Waste Management" Blog

Waste to resource, a circular economy concept, is the approach Phoenix, Arizona has truly embraced and implemented with waste management, and the approach is clearly seen within their waste management facilities. Solid Waste Committee members explain the importance of Phoenix’s approach and innovation within the field of waste management.

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Advance Your Career in Sustainability

Advance your career in sustainability through publications, training, certificates, and certification programs.

Stormwater Management Manual
The Stormwater Management Manual is designed for stormwater managers and those seeking certification as an APWA Certified Stormwater Manager, as well as those wishing to gain an overview of programs and practices.

This manual addresses the technical knowledge stormwater managers need to make meaningful water quality improvement. It covers old and new stormwater management techniques, management of new development and redevelopment, funding and financing, and political and social factors of stormwater management programs.

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Certified Stormwater Manager
The Stormwater Manager Certification is intended for experts in the public and private sectors who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for city, county, state, provincial, and federal agencies. These individuals assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs.
Water quality programs include state and federal permit requirements related to stormwater runoff, including management of public education, illicit discharges, erosion control, post-development runoff BMPs, system maintenance, water quality monitoring, data analysis, and reporting. Drainage and flood control programs include operational maintenance of drainage systems, planning and construction of capital improvements, and basic knowledge of floodplain management.
These individuals may also be involved in budgetary oversight, long-term planning, policy development, and other administrative activities.

 Read more in the APWA Reporter:
Certified Stormwater Manager: A firsthand account of career enhancement
John Schexnayder, P.E., CFM, CSM, Senior Water Resources Engineer, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Baton Rouge, LA

Center for Sustainability (C4S)
The APWA Center for Sustainability (C4S) delivers resources, education, advocacy, and member engagement for public works professionals to implement environmentally, economically and socially responsible projects and services.

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