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Read About the Top Five Trending Technologies of 2022

Like college basketball brackets, APWA pitted 16 “team” technologies against each other and asked you to pick the winners. After tabulating the entries, fleet electrification, smart technologies, asset management technology, GIS, and intelligent transportation systems emerged as the 2022 Top 5 Tech.

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Watch CLL: AI/Machine Learning and Cloud Platforms – Water & Sewer Pipes

Understanding the condition of underground water and sewer infrastructure is critical in determining maintenance strategies, repair and replacement costs and timing and justifying funding from local, state and federal sources. This Click, Listen and Learn will focus on cost effective and scalable AI technologies to augment Public Work's workforce and capacity in water and sewer operations for all sizes.

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January 27, 2022
10:00-11:00 a.m. CT

Levels of Service (LOS) is a component of asset management planning that is significant and has a great deal of impact. Municipalities' core purpose is to provide public services to the residents and other stakeholders with the help of Infrastructure Assets, and most of the resources devoted to asset management planning are spent on infrastructure. The municipality must ensure that the infrastructure performs to meet the level of service goals at an affordable and sustainable cost, by finding a balance between the expected level of service and the cost of providing that level of service.

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Take the Construction Inspection 201: Project Management eCourse

This course is a self-paced e-course designed for individuals who are interested in building their skillset in project management—as it applies to work performed in the construction inspection profession.

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Individual courses: $20 members; $30 nonmembers

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Interact with the Asset Management Roadmap

The APWA Asset Management Committee recently released their Asset Management Roadmap. The Roadmap is designed to help agencies that want to create an asset management plan and assist in the asset management journey.

Advance Your Career in Construction Inspection

Advance your career in construction inspection through publications, training, certificates, and certification programs.

Construction Inspection Manual
The Construction Inspection Manual is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels. It includes all facets of public infrastructure inspection including the roles and responsibilities of an inspector, pre-construction planning, documentation, communication risk management and legal issues, scheduling and project close-out.

Construction Inspection Live Online Workshop
February 22, 23, 24 and March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9
9:30 a.m. CT

This workshop is designed for construction inspectors of various experience levels. This program brings the APWA Construction Inspection Manual to life along with the help of an expert instructor. All facets of public project inspection are covered, including the roles and responsibilities of an inspector, legal/risk management and regulatory issues, documentation and communication, and project close-out.

This program will be worth 2.0 CEU credits or 20 hours of CPII recertification credit.

Registration is $350 for members and non-members.

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Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII)
For individuals who inspect the construction of public infrastructure and facilities and other types of construction work and materials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.

Why Pursue the CPII?

  • Portable and universal
    • Based on national public works standards
    • Recognizes broad-based career competency in:
      • Underground construction
      • At-grade or above-grade construction
      • Structural construction
      • General construction principles
      • Paving and streets 
      • Material inspection
      • Stormwater and water systems
      • Project compliance and documentation
      • Project planning and compliance
  • Rigorous – Full exam update: 2019–2021
    • 107 core knowledge, skills, and abilities identified
    • 2019 – New content outline developed
    • 2020 – 360 exam questions answered
    • 2021 – New peer-written exam launched
  • Computer-based testing
    • Flexibility in site location
    • More testing opportunities

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