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Water resource infrastructure financing faces many challenges in today’s market, from impacts due to promoted and executed efficiencies of operations by customers to mandates for pollution reduction through implementation of green stormwater infrastructure.  DC Water’s Use of Green Environmental Bonds and small communities’ approach for access to State Revolving Funds and P3 will be discussed.
When: February 22, 2018

Resiliency in Solid Waste
When: March 22, 2018

Some higher levels of government are showing a lack of interest in sustainability and resiliency, but luckily local governments have stepped up to do more than ever.  Learn what some of the most enlightened communities are doing these days to make their neighborhoods a great place to work, live and thrive today and into the future.
When: April 12, 2018

Growing and Maintaining Healthy Grass
When: April 26, 2018

When: May 06, 2018
Where: Indianapolis, IN.

Leveraging GIS for Public Works
When: June 21, 2018