The Planning Process

Prepare A Proposal

Before conducting the self assessment, the director should consider the need for a formal proposal or appropriate approvals from the chief elected or appointed official. The proposal may be prepared by the director or the program manager. [MORE]

Select a Manager

The responsibility for choosing a manager for the self assessment program rests with the agency's director. [MORE] 

Prepare An Operational Plan

Key elements of preparation include the time frame, the plan itself, and the budget. [MORE]

Develop a Process

(NOTE: The discussion of record keeping that follows is primarily aimed at those agencies who are interested in pursuing accreditation. Agencies that are using the self assessment process as a vehicle for improving their operation and management, may want to consider less rigorous methods of documenting their progress. Agencies desiring recognition for completing a self assessment program will still need detailed documentation for their presentation to their elected body and to APWA.) [MORE]

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