From Plan to Action

Staff Introduction to the Program

The formal unveiling of the self assessment program marks the move from plan to action. This is usually accomplished through a memo from the director. This memo should define self assessment, explain its purpose, and describe the process by which it will be achieved. Examples of anticipated changes could also be included. The memo should be distributed to all members of the agency as well as other agencies who may be affected.

In addition, the self assessment project may be introduced personally by the program manager at any regularly-scheduled meetings. Regularly-scheduled staff meetings are also a good forum for regular updates on the program's progress . Frequent reference to the program will help insure continuing support.

Public Information Plan

Where applicable, a file on the self assessment project should be kept in the Public Information office. This file should contain a public information plan, and sample public notices and press releases. If a public information session is planned, preparation of publicity regarding self assessment should also be prepared.


At this point, the program manager should put into action a training plan. This training process should include everyone who will be asked to handle compliance documentation, including non-agency personnel, where applicable. Since other departments outside of the public works department are often responsible for establishing compliance with some of the practices, it is necessary to establish a liaison with them, review the self assessment project, and explain the methods for proving compliance. [MORE]

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