Self Assessment

A Process for Improvement

Public works self-assessment provides opportunities for continuous improvement for your overall operations, ultimately leading to better quality of life for your community.

Self‐assessment is an internal review of an agency’s practices combined with a comparison of the recommended practices contained in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. At the completion of the self‐assessment, the agency will have a broad knowledge of its strengths and areas where improvement is needed to bring the agency into compliance with the recommended practices.


  • The Public Works Management Practices Manual, 10th Ed. (PWMPM) is the must-have guide for evaluating your agency’s operations through self-assessment. Developed by and for public works professionals, the PWMPM contains 534 practices and a new mandatory chapter on asset management.

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  • Track your progress with the newly updated Self-Assessment Software. This tool makes it easy to organize documents and keep your team on-task. With the manual in-hand and the software to back it, you’ll be armed with the critical tools for a comprehensive Self-Assessment.

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Self-Assessment Steps

  1. Agency develops an implementation plan.
  2. Agency purchases Public Works Management Practices Manual and Self-Assessment Software.
  3. Agency seeks training on the process for staff.
  4. Agency assigns chapters/practices to agency personnel to review and upload documentation.
  5. Agency staff reviews all applicable policies, procedures, and processes.
  6. Agency staff submits to Director and/or Accreditation Manager for approval.


  • Agency-wide culture of continuous improvement
  • Improved operational performance
  • Team building and staff development
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Succession planning/institutional knowledge retention
  • Improved onboarding process
  • Central location for documentation and SOPs
  • Increased efficiencies/reduced duplication and wasted resources
  • Improved communication

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