Operator Training

APWA and our unique partnerships offer a variety of options to meet Operator Training needs.

Vista Equipment Training

APWA has teamed up with VISTA Training, Inc. to offer valuable Instructor Kits, e-learning courses, and online videos for equipment operators with special discounts for APWA members.

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Winter Maintenance Operator Certificate

A four-hour course designed for those behind the wheel during winter events.

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Public Works Math 101: Calculating Concrete and Asphalt

When it comes to calculating the amount of concrete to pour or asphalt to spread, you can’t afford an “Oops!” moment because you over- or under-estimated how much you needed. If—like most of us—you slept through high school geometry, and “volume” refers to how loud the TV is, and “area” describes the rug on your dining room floor, APWA can help you brush up on your math skills. With "Public Works Math 101," you’ll be calculating area and volume in no time. Even better, this in-depth instruction provides hands-on training regardless of which format you choose.

Public Works Math 101 is offered as an eCourse and DIY-Public WorksShop Kit. Choose an option below to learn more.

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PWX Sessions

View educational sessions related to operator training from past PWX conferences.

Operations and Maintenance Training

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