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National Initiatives

APWA National strives to support its members as well as the public works profession by defining the value of public works, enhancing the awareness and visibility of public works, and being the voice of public works, all while creating a dynamic membership and chapter model and ensuring excellence in education and credentialing. To support these goals, APWA National works with its chapters and membership to provide national initiatives that support the vision and mission of the association. 

Public Works Fallen Heroes graphic

Fallen Heroes

To honor the many public servants in public works who have lost their lives in the line of duty, APWA has created a Fallen Heroes web page as a memorial to these brave heroes. Click the image or link above to submit a memorial of someone who lost their life while serving your community in public works or to browse the list of the many heroes who have fallen in the line of duty.

Public Works First Responder logo

Public Works First Responder 

In alignment with the APWA strategic initiative to be the voice of public works, and in response to many chapter requests, the American Public Works Association is proud to announce the creation of a national “Public Works First Responder” symbol. APWA is very excited to introduce this new symbol and ask that you adopt it and encourage all public works agencies in your area to display it. Click the image or link above for artwork and guidelines for use.

Public Works First Responder logo

Top 5 Tech 

APWA has established the Top Five Technologies survey and report as an annual service to members. The term trending technologies was selected instead of emerging technologies because as technologies are implemented in public works, large cities may start using the technology and then several years later medium and then small-sized cities.