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Events History

Each year APWA holds two major conferences: the Public Works Expo (PWX), formerly known as the International Public Works Congress & Exposition, and the North American Snow Conference. Each offers multiple sessions on a variety of the hottest topics in public works, as well as the opportunity to meet with numerous exhibitors to “kick the tires” and discuss cutting-edge technology. History of the sites for both those conferences is available below.

Public Works Expo History

From the first annual meeting of American Society of Municipal Improvements (the first direct predecessor of APWA) in Buffalo, New York in 1894 to the equipment shows and technical programs at the annual meetings of the 1960's, through many years as the International Public Works Congress &Exposition, and on to the present day Public Works Expo, this APWA event has provided opportunities for face-to-face learning and networking covering the wide variety of public works-related topics. Historical listing of the sites for this conference.

North American Snow Conference
North American Snow Conference History

The first Snow Conference in 1961 was initiated because of an extremely bad snow storm that nearly closed down New York City. It was an informal meeting with a few speakers from that regional area, including Baltimore and Washington, DC. General Fred Clarke from Washington, DC, got involved and recommended a research project to APWA on the study of urban snow removal problems. The 2nd and 3rd annual conferences were called the “Northeastern Conference on Urban Snow Removal”. The title “Snow Conference” was inaugurated at the 4th annual conference in 1964. It became the “North American Snow Conference” the next year in 1965. Historical listing of the sites for this conference.

Sustainability in Public Works Conference History

From 2009-2013 there was another major conference, the Sustainability in Public Works conference, but beginning in 2014 that conference became part of the PWX. Click here for historical listing of sites for the Sustainability conference. Historical listing of the sites for this conference.

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More APWA historical information is available on the Association History page  and the About page.