APWA exists to develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities.  Just as communities count on their public works professionals, APWA strives to be the organization those professionals know they can count on. APWA offers the most comprehensive resources available in the areas of professional development tools, advocacy efforts, networking opportunities, and outreach activities.  Also, because of its unique vantage point as the only organization that covers the breadth of public works, APWA provides “one-stop shopping” for public works products and services for professionals and practitioners alike.

Professional Development Tools

To help develop and support the people, agencies, and organizations that plan, build, maintain, and improve communities throughout North America and on every other continent, APWA takes a multifaceted approach to professional development. Whether it’s a conference sponsored by the national organization; a public works institute offered by one of its chapters; credentialing of agencies or individuals; or education delivered through online programs, instructor-led live workshops, or text-based courses, APWA has a reputation for quality. 

Advocacy Efforts

Policy makers and elected officials look to organizations like APWA every day to educate them on topics that will help them make important policy decisions that affect public works. APWA is committed to empowering its members to advocate for the needs of the public works community, and to monitor issues that impact public works infrastructure and funding. The APWA Government Affairs Committee and other member advocates create and maintain partnerships with key stakeholders, which establishes new lines of communication with policy makers and extends our outreach into the center of public policy discussions on local, state, and federal levels.

Networking Opportunities

Being able to network with peers is one of the primary reasons people join associations like APWA.  Because of APWA’s national and local structure through its 64 chapters and scores of branches, members can immediately tap into a network of thousands of public works experts from across the city or throughout North America. Through a variety of methods, members share on-the job experiences, request information on public works issues, discuss local and national topics of concern, work together to improve processes, and discover new job possibilities. By networking with other public works practitioners, APWA members get support from their peers and receive valuable and useful information for their immediate informational needs in every facet of public works, including information on the latest technologies and management trends.

Outreach Activities

Part of the association’s mission is to help communities understand the critical role of public works in our lives. At the same time, APWA strives to ensure that the public is aware of the importance and contribution of the public works professionals who work in the public interest to maintain and improve the quality of life.  Through a series of innovative activities, APWA helps its members reach the public, preserve the history of public works, address international issues, improve management and operations procedures in smaller communities, disseminate information on careers in public works, and provide educational materials for school-age children and teens.