The mission of the Leadership and Management Committee is to advance Public Works professionalism through research, application and advocacy of innovative leadership and best management practices.

A message from Bret Hodne, Leadership and Management Committee Chair, 2014-2015

It is a pivotal time in the public works profession. Many APWA members are getting closer to retirement, generational gaps are driving organizational change and leadership practices are evolving. In many occupations professionals need only to possess specialized knowledge in a narrow range of subject matter to be considered competent. The APWA understands that public works leaders are not afforded this luxury and must develop multi-dimensional skill sets to be successful.

Many of the technical skills required to become a Public Works professional can be obtained at various types of educational venues. Unfortunately many of the soft skills required to develop into a well-rounded Public Works leader can be significantly more difficult to access. In an effort to provide greater awareness of these skills, the Leadership and Management Committee has decided to focus on the following topics in the upcoming Reporter series:

  • Quality Business Writing
  • Communicating Effectively Verbally to Customers
  • Communicating Effectively Verbally to Staff / Elected Officials
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Media Relations
  • Presenting You and Your Department in Positive Ways
  • Citizen Engagement and Community Building
  • Branding your Department
  • Listening and Understanding
  • Utilizing Your Network
  • Using Current Technology

The APWA continues to be focused on moving the Donald C. Stone Leadership and Management career paths forward. The Committee will be actively working with APWA staff as we move the profession forward.

We want to extend an invitation to any member who is interested in leadership and management to contact us and get involved. We continue to build membership in our L&M Knowledge Team and Facebook Group. We are looking for energetic folks like you to join us to help out.

There are tremendous attributes associated with getting the membership engaged. We value your input and would welcome your involvement with the Committee. Do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members or Becky Stein, the committee's staff liaison if you would like to get involved.