Mr. Joseph William Payne, Jr
PW Operations Supervisor- Public Grounds
City of Springfield
Springfield, MO

Board Liaison
Mr. Brian R. Usher, PWLF
Director of Public Works
City of Largo
Largo, FL

Mr. Brad Underwood, LS, RCE, PWLF
Director of Public Works
City of Foster City
Foster City, CA

Mr. Jeffery Patrick Brown, PE
Engineering & Infrastructure Directo
Cumberland County
Fayetteville, NC

Ms. Jennifer Gulick, MA
Senior Consulting Urban Forester
Davey Resource Group
Walton, KY

Staff Liaison
Ms. Phyllis Muder
Continuing Education Project Mgr
American Public Works Association
Kansas City, MO

Mr. Brian Carthan, PWLF
Park Services Manager
City of Oakland
Oakland, CA

Mr. Joseph A. Sisler, P.E.
Chief of Engineering/Facility Maint
County of York
Yorktown, VA